Is any one gonna buy OW2

I won’t buy it, paying for patches of a game I already spent money to acquire isn’t my thing.

I’d rather be happy to see OW2 being a complete failure and Blizzard deciding to add the OW2 stuff in the main game behind an in game currency wall.


Yeah with the Hong kong Hearthstone Debacle and the constant virtue signalling and SJW infestation of blizzard i wont be giving them any more money ever


Lets be honest, Mercy should never have existed xD

I won’t buy Overwatch 2. My problem with OW is still the matchmaking. I like games that lets low skill people play with other low skill people. This game doesn’t do that. It is not fun when 80% of games is just getting spawncamped/killed by high skilled players because you got unlucky with matchmaking.
This game was good in 2016. In 2020, it is probably one of the worst gaming experiences ever.

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Yes large portions of the playerbase stopped playing the game, including every single one of my friends. So something must be wrong and not like you say :smiley:

When did I say there weren’t any problem?

You got access to global active account list or that just a made up statement?

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Not only I won’t be buying OW 2 but I won’t be buying anything from Blizzard ever again.


I second that :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Wait, I think I heard that OW2 gonna be free for those who already own OW isn’t that true? This info might have been just rumors though I can’t really remember that

Oh no no no no, no it will have a cost.
Maybe less for those who already own OW1 sure, but free? Nah.

We can never forget, 150 hp zen, 150 body shot on widow, McCree doing 70 dmg per shot on FTH and also have Headshots enabled on FTH, etc.

Launch was nothing near a perfect angel

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Of course it will have a cost, be that a one off purchase cost or via micro trans. Blizzard not a charity, they are in it to make money.
Like most giant software development companies they have planned well into next year.
Business Forecasts are the basic foundation of any publicly trading business as shareholders need to see a what the return on their investment is likely to look like.

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Yeah and they chose to make you pay for an update that every other game would have for free.

I wish this to completely turn against them but whales will be whales.

How do you know its just an “update”?
You on Team 4? You a board member? Is Papa Jeff your real Papa?

I would hazard a guess at no to all of the above.

Stop speculating and making up statements, but rememeber the goldon rule…spend your money as you see fit, if you dont like what OW2 is about or going to offer…DONT BUY IT!

They already told the content which is going to be hero specific missions with pve stuff and some sort of cosmetics involved. Now, unless I missed something (in which case I welcome ppl to correct me), this sounds like a major patch and not a whole different game.

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Blizzard should balance the game and care about it more, but I am definitely interested in OW2 And I will propably not be alone

A lot about OW2 has been told already.
The game is going to have a price but every OW player will have the game updated.

OW1 owners will get the new graphic engine, heroes and maps. The PvE contend will be locked unless you purchase a OW2 key.

If you think OW community is the most toxic one you obviously haven’t played Dota 2 or LoL.

No. i might check it out if it goes free to play one year after release… but thats a big maybe.

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