Is anyone getting lots of duplicates all of sudden?


I think I haven’t got a duplicate for so long that I forgot they were even a thing, but all of a sudden I’ve started getting at least one in every box I open. Am I the only one? Did they increase the rate or something?


How is this even possible? You only get duplicates if you have all the items in the item tier. So you get blue duplicates, right? Kindly check if there is a single rare non-event item that you don’t have? 100% sure you have them all, this is why you are getting duplicates.

I think the right question is: why am I getting mostly grey and blue items and not more purples and yellows?


I think around level 500-600, I started getting all dups in almost every lootbox so I just wasn’t interested in opening them any more. At least they’re a back up for credits if I ever want to buy a new skin but other than that there’s no incentive to keep opening duplicate lootboxes.


You get dups when you have gathered all or the majority of all the cosmetics for the characters in game. I’ve been getting Dups for quite some time now, so it’s good Credit fodder for when the holiday events come up and you want to buy some of the new skins without having to gamble for them In lootboxes.


Im just sick of getting 3 greys and 1 blue in every box. And its always 3 sprays and one player icon. Getting loads a dupes now too and i still have tons of stuff to unlock.


This is not possible. You probably have event grey/blue items you cant unlock with normal boxes. You only get duplicates when you have all items from a certain tier.


A way to see is to use the filter in hero gallery and mark the unowned box.

Only time i don’t get dupes is during events, well not dupes all the time. Just up until i get all the sprays n voicelines then it’s back to dupes


Not true…

Last halloween event i got the same regular l
Zarya legendary skin 3 times in a row and i dont have all of the legendary skins


This is simply not possible. You cannot get a duplicate legendary unless you have all normal legendaries and the legendaries related to the current event. You either got duplicate legendaries before this change or don’t remember it correctly. If you are 100% sure file a bug report or something because this cant normally happen.


You still can get dupes even if you don’t have all the items on the rarity.
They only (drastically) reduced the rate of it happening.

So even though you are likely to get new items as long as you need any, you still can get dupes.

Dev update, at time 4:20

At least that’s the last update I remember, if they made additional changes after that, feel free to correct me.


Ok then, drastically reduced, I’ve never seen a duplicate of an epic/legendary after the update so I am not sure what the chances of this are. Grey/blue duplicates do not matter because you’ll get them all anyway(and voice lines/sprays are simply worthless).


Mind you, drops are also seperated into categories. So you can imagine the progress of RNG like this:

  1. decide rarity
  2. decide type (voice line, spray, skin, etc)
  3. check if rarity-type combo is already completed
    4.a. if completed, give random dupe
    4.b. if not completed, give random one that you don’t own yet
    4.c. possibly a low chance of getting a dupe even if you don’t have all

This can in rare cases lead to the annoying situation where you might get a duplicate epic of one type while you have another type still open.

Also, event loot boxes might have weighted probabilites, favouring event items over regular items. My personal sample size and experience does not provide any insight into specifics though.


Dude, it is possible. Stop saying that. I also keep getting greys and blue. I USED to get more frequent higher tier lootboxes (probably 1 legendary every 4-6 boxes) but now all of a sudden when I reached the silver border, it’s been only gray and blue for like… a LONG time. And even when I get epic (and legendary), it’s coins. I don’t have most cosmetics. I have A LOT left to unlock from most heroes. It’s getting really annoying. I used to have incentive to buy lootboxes, but now… what the hell? I keep getting grey/blue lootboxes with ONLY duplicates. Normally, I’d be okay with this, but I thought at one point they made it so you get less dupes and that worked. So, this leads me to believe they reversed this change they made or slightly made it less effective.


im level 269 and have unlocked just over half of all available stuff, i rarely got any duplicates but as of lately ive been getting 1-2 at least every loot box