Is it SIGMAS or the 2-2-2 / Queue time Fault for this Meta?

Is it me or the SR is out of content after the 2-2-2

I play fanatically since season 4 on PSN on 5 acc i was 2200 to 2600 now i managed to drop to almost bronze on all accounts.

  1. First week went smooth and since then

  2. The games became a 50-50% chance for either Forced WIN or LOSS not a single game is played with some brains either by the enemy or by the teamates.

The Double shield Meta can not be the reason
Maybe the fact that DPS players play TANKS and DPS as DPS ?

Any opinions?

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I honestly dont see better or worse games. Quality wise they are the same, but 2-2-2 gives an even playing field

Metas usually changes when new heroes are released , 2-2-2 released you could no longer do mixed comps. Sigma turns out to be broken with a strong shield and orisa is the best tanks overall.

Let me say this , you are not alone dropping down in rank because of this and forced 2-2-2. I myself went down from being mid/high master to plat now.

Long story short its my own fault dropping that much but its harder for me now to climb because of new meta + forced 2-2-2 longer q times leavers etcetc

Ps. love 2-2-2 hate long q times

Neither. Double shield is a problem because its counter (Hammond triple DPS) no longer exists. It’s exactly what we expected to happen: Orisa comps become broken because their natural counter was essentially deleted from play. GOATS would counter it too but that’s not allowed. It’s an enforced meta, and there’s no way out of this mess beyond a revert.

Double shield was a thing even before Sigma. Remember when doing pirate ship with Rein and Orisa!

Best then to counter it was dive. With this fixed 2-2-2 and people not changing hero to counter…
On paper there is alot of counters…

Double shield was worse before since you could flex into 3 dps . 2-2-2 makes it alot harder since theres only 2-3 viable dps heroes you can play in this meta.

support(to much healing) created goats and this meta.
Or the high focus damage a good group can create killing things to fast/instant. Forces teams/groups to play hard to kill heroes with lots of healing and shields.
And all other heroes became useless because of that.