Is losers Q a thing?

Ive played 8 games today and lost 6 of them. I’m not sure why.
All my teammates have played well, I’ve personally had gold heals each game but still we just lose.
A few times we lost because of a 25lvl dude who just hs everyone on widow but other than that, none of those losses should have happened.
Is the mm broken or something?

It is a meme.

It doesn’t actually exist.

There is nothing going on with the matchmaker, just an unlucky go again (if you can face playing again lol).

That’s because people are ranked not by their actually skill level, but mostly by the performance of other 5 team members.

Think about this way:
6 people are being put into the box, 2 of them plays really well, but 4 has sub-par performance, and you lose the game. Now, according to the logic of the current ranking system, those two good players don’t get rewarded for their good performance. No, they being PUNISHED for bad performance of those 4 other players, ergo the whole box sinks to the bottom of the ladder.

Basically, separation between good and bad players mostly doesn’t happen, because if you lose a game, both good and bad players are being punished equally.

The only way you can fight it back is by creating your own premade group, and forget about doing well in ranked as solo players, because solo players are destined to fail most of the time due to bad design of the ranking system.

Lol. This is unhelpful and nearly all wrong from Jinxter.

If you loose a game, a “bad” player will have underperformed compaired to the average at that MMR… and will lose more than the “good” player in the same team.

A test for you. Take a note of your SR… if you win a game then lose a game check your SR again. If you are up a little, lovely, you are playing above your SR. If you are down a little, then you need to step it up.

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