Is overwatch dead?


i think a lot of people left around season9/10 but i wouldn’t say its dead, they do come back for the events and skins or when a new hero is released, and leave again when its over and there is the esport competition that’s got a lot of fans hyped every year.

so, no it’s not dead, instead a bump in the road more likely


people will come, people will go

Often the mad people/frustrated people want to tell everyone that this or this game is dying, because they can not admit that it is their fault that they lose passion/fun for certain games


blizzard is killing the game… soon it’ll be dead (or full of smurfs and cheaters)


got the same with rusians and other cryptic languages…

it feels like the stupid game is matching me up with them just to drag my ranked score into the ground (currently i’m seeing how far this pit goes… not a single friggin decent match all weekend… every single match a 1sided scrubfest)


Not dead, but it is dying. Every game is dying and a game can be living and dying at the same time. I think if they continue to put anti-fun things in the game then it will go sooner than it has to.


define anti fun heroes

I think you are just sulking mate, cut it, hurts you


No, this game is and will be extremely good wether or not people stream it, like WOW, there are hardly any YouTubers left who make videos on it and they NEVER reach trending but there are still millions of active players in the game and considering overwatch is so new it will continue to only get better and considering that it’s also a blizzard game like WOW, chances of it dying within the next 2 years are very slim


Fortnite is free but the thing is it’s kinda a pubg rip off and there are so many $hty game mechanics in it that making it live longer than a year will be extremely difficult and also the fact that how big of a meme it is now that killing it won’t take long


I play OW daily with my silblings and friends. We enjoy it alot and can’t wait for more heros and other content <3 Thanks OW Team for this awesome Game.


Could a dev shut down this useless waste of space?


dayum the salt…


Overwatch dead? The last time i saw these words were on the tf2 forum and on steam


Correct! If u’re thinking “Game is dead” = your’re dead player, not game dead!


LOL… twitch doesn’t dictate the life of a game… and if you think that… well then thats sad…


Have you gone mad? I’ve played for 16 months now… and i have only come across 1 cheater, and possibly 10 smurfs… people just over exaggerate, the game will be around for years and years, if you think its dead, that just means you need to move on, but dont worry, we won’t miss you in the community anyway…


If the game is doing good on twitch or youtube its never going to die. Since a lot of content creaters have moved on the game took a big hit. Overwatch now vs season 1 when the que time for a game was like 2 sec is totally different.

Only reason Blizzard are making this promos with Twitch that make you watch so you win something in game. To make the game look good on twitch.


Exactly! People take the game too seriously and can’t just have fun. It’s not all about winning. It’s about having fun. Who cares if you lose?

People scream and shout and become so rude in this game as soon as the team is not winning. This is when you really need to look yourself in the mirror and calm down, you are definitely taking the game too seriously at this point. Where did all the playing for fun go that you alwssys did as a child? Now as an adult or young adult you have started to take games too seriously. Why?

Let’s have fun everyone. It’s just a game. Not the second world war.

Get back to those early days of why you started to play games in the first place - to have fun and laugh a lot and have a great time with friends :slight_smile:


I’d say the game is dead for non-streamers and non teamers. If you don’t have a full team you may as well uninstall. Group finder to me is basically the same as MMing considering if we lose everyone quits. Also, I don’t even know the people.

The report system is complete insanity. Guilty until proven innocent. From what I hear you have to open a ticket and ask Blizzard to review the violation. I’ve been muted myself but I deserved it. Either way it’s a double edged sword.

The meta is terrible. Sniping is only fun for snipers. With a skilled enough widow on a team that actually works together… it is really hard to counter. Impossible if your team is not working together. Which seems to be the case about 75 percent of the time. It also seems that snipers don’t fit this type of “team gameplay” which was supposed to be heavily relied on. But that’s just like my opinion, man.

This game was way more fun in beta and @ launch. RIP OW

Watching the crowd cheer on the OWL stream every time a widow got a headshot gave me Ligma.


So has everyone, to much made up topics talking about how you’ll get muted/banned for saying positive stuff but they are all fake don’t worry.

Meta debates are personal, i don’t agree on this since

Is a huge things to add. “a team that actually works together” will bring out the best in everyone.

Apart from that i agree on everything.
And i think that the game needs solo/duo que separated from team que. Just on the fact that 6 stacking makes this game extremely easy.
Non premade teams have so much stuff working against them it’s absurd to match them with premades, From picking, to preference, to play style even on skill level and determination to win.

Everyone wants to play beta but it had its problems as well.
Remember old widow, trancer, genji? How about 150 HP Zen and Mercy mass resurrect? I can’t say i miss them but the community was booming cause this game was heavily advertised to everyone.

Atm EU servers are totally death. You can’t even use LFG after 1am. It takes ages to find a team without setting any restrictions like endorse level or role lock.

This game really made some bad decisions for solo players(the vast majority of players), and LFG instead of a solo role que was the biggest one. Now thank’s to that Role que will never happen since they have invested time and money into the dumb LFG system that’s just useless. And for what? Keeping que times low? But que times are long once no players are playing. And that’s happening little by little and its super obvious at night when its not the weekend.


To be fair, with the state of the current community and how the game just feels unfun to play I wish it were so it can make a comeback as the fun game I loved before.