Is overwatch dead?


Most people who stop playing, stop because they stuck in elo.
people who dont have fun anymore stop, because of bs reasons most of the time. I have so many friends, quitting games after games, because they have no discipline and have no goals or can not achieve certain goals. Most gamers are just pure casual. It is 100% okay to be casual or to play games casually, but there are so many tryhard-rage-casual-gamers(who think they actually try).
These types will leave every game and will play solo games like pubg and fortnite.
-my opinion

edit: why pubg and fortnite? “because team is holding me back” -tryhard-casual-gamer.



People keep bringing up fortnite and thinking “oh noes, is it stealing players from OW??” Although I don’t fall in that camp, I’m sure there are many gamers who enjoy both titles and hop back and forth between them without issue.

With OW, though, Blizz has set this game up to last a looooooooong time. With the inclusion of the league, and the never ending stream of incoming talent, OW will, at the very least, be in the public’s mind for years to come.

It may not be the “next big thing” like it was a few years ago, or like Fortnite currently is, but let’s get real: If fortnite doesn’t start a league like OW did, they’re in trouble. Maybe they already did though? I don’t keep up with it.


Everything is dying if you think about it.

As for Overwatch, people need to stop being so overly dramatic. It’s a video game. if it doesn’t meet your needs, move on.


not dying. the toxic tryhards are just leaving, because they can not rank up :smiley:


Don’t judge me but I bought Overwatch September 2018. By now people all think it’s dead. Do I? I don’t know. Do I care? No. I bought the game because my friends enjoy it, I enjoyed watching it and now I enjoy playing it. It doesn’t matter what the ‘popular streamers’ are doing, it’s about what you’re doing. And if you enjoy playing Overwatch, keep on enjoying playing Overwatch. Have fun and good luck!


I would really like to see the player count because after 20 minutes of being in the menu, I can safely say the only arcade game mode playable right now is the deathmatch… at least for me. So that means the game is dead for me? Now I don’t care about ranked and quickplay is pretty bad too as the matchmaking is searching for players near my rank or playtime… not sure which but this is pretty sad because I usually end up with way better players… since I only play once in a while so my rank should go down or something because the more you dont play it the worse you will be, naturally… but the game doesn’t give a damn about it… ok? So this game is only “good” if you play it a lot and never quit OR… or you buy a new account so you can enjoy the game again. Wow this game is sucking the esport dick hard man you just can’t play it like a casual or something, no you either be a champ or quit our game thats the rule and honestly I think they spend more time advertising this game and making the environment, voice lines etc. than actually balancing it. Sure change torbjuice because ppl are afraid to use it in ranked, probably because most of them never even played the character NICE but what about the op characters like genji? Oh well a lot of ppl use it so changing it would make them quit I guess? Whatever I think I gave this game enough time but the best I can say about matchmaking so far is the endorsement system and thats pretty sad because it has nothing to do with the matchmaking as far as I know
oh and the game was on humble bundle so thats not a good sign


matchmaking is shiit and full of aimboting shiits. I am done with this fuking game.


People think that TF2 is dead despite the fact that there are still 50–60K people playing every day. So no, Overwatch is not dead.


It would be dead if it would take 10-20 minutes to find quickplay games.


game is not dead yet but jeff want to this game dead by unbalanced buffs and reworks


Stupid questions doesnt merit good answers. So no and stfu.


what about loot boxes its really hard to get them and I really want them to go away.
I hate it when my friends say: youre so bad, you don’t even have a legendary skin. And I hate that so I fell like Overwatch (Uberwatch) is dead


oh you are definetely definetelyyyy right.


Many people don’t understand this thing. I created a topic about reports in quick play matches and they are still talking about feeding intentionally. If I can’t have fun in a normal game, what is the purpose? You can feed and u should do it sometimes. No one has to play tryhard all time.


Yes, one of the top most popular multiplayer game in existence currently is dead. That makes total sense.

Obviously no, it’s the idea of edgy kids who stopped playing because they got banned for screaming the n-word in voice chat. So since they’re not playing the game is dead.


dead honestly just look at the count of players ever since they added new heroes the game is just vomit


I’m curious, where do you even see the “count of players” lmao this isn’t Steam, you can’t officially look it up


You can see how much interest a game has on twitch.
With all the twitch promos this game does, its disturbingly low.
Other games don’t even have to do twitch promos, like force you to interact with twitch for limited in-game loot and items or have a currency that you can only get by watching twitch or donating.
OW for me is nothing like it was. Its player base (especially on the EU) dropped drastically and you don’t need a see stats to feel it.


That doesn’t mean much does it. Look at HOTS lol.
Not saying either game is dead. But HOTS sure isn’t that popular and still alive.


This game is too much team/counters dependant, it involve in a huge unbalance mechanics beetwen chars. They should try to respect the efficiency/hardtoplay rateo as much as possible, then we can start talking about teamplay mechanics. Is pretty unfun to play solo to pass a little time because you will always face the same 5/6 unbalanced,overpowered, easy to play chars against you, at least if we talk about not coordinated matches and in teamplay matches the picks are almost the same for all, involving in almost mirrored teams much of the times. You cannot avoid to counter some chars, and in fact playstyle in this game is not really team dependant but effectiveness in countering and ultimate combos, because is the only way to avoid the skill gaps between players and heroes mechanics. This lead to patch champions in an unfair way, make them too op or usless in other situations. It’s a common problem in blizzard’s games, they wanna push the teamplay gamestyle with heroes that are radically differents in playstyle, but it’s simple, you can’t. It’s funny when you play in a more team oriented way and differences between heroes playstyle are less, and it’s funny too when you play really different heroes in a more individual way. These two things cannot coexist unless a BIG and QUICK balancing work is always on the run and this is not the OW case, at all.