Is overwatch dead?


skill based game? not anymore my friend, moira and brigitte killed the “skill” in this game. its now game about lasers beam and shields. not fps anymore, more like laser game.


moira is overall no skill I agree and also brigitte but you can tell with the release of ashe that blizz learned their lesson.


Reindhart has plenty of skill, winston plenty of skill… what else?


Rein is actually my fav hero, fun yet challenging. As support i respect ana cs she is also hard. As dps i like genji ashe and hanzo.


Mhhh I’m not really agree with Ashe, truste she’s more easy than it seem at first impact. To be honest is maybe the easiest hitscan hero in the game, and with easy I mean that it’s almost impossible to play her enough bad to be usless.


The easiest hitscan hero in my opinion is Mccree, because he has a simple kit and no scope.


Ignore my last comment,the game is really in danger,we just don’t see it.


Well despite all that.

If they won’t do anything about the toxicity and dps locking in competitive play I will leave this game.

So it will be dead to me
And others will surely follow.


Overwatch might last 10, 20 years, or even more. We are talking about a game where Blizzard is investing a lot of time and money; both for casual and pro players. it won’t die anytime soon.


ofc this game is broken there is so many exemples i can take … 1st there is too many hard counters like, personally im a genji main, when you see all the counters that genji and tracers have it’s incredible ( Brigitte, mccree, Winston for genji, df and others). Ow is broken too because of new heroes coming and being op like Brigitte not even nerf or the whole Community is complaining, df is the same even moira, these heroes are overplayed … I know the goal of Ow is that all heroes can be played but when you see reaper, mccree, sombra, symmetra, soldier, tracer and mercy they are so rarely played… They should buff heroes i told but they Don’t care about us, they just care about the pro players, that’s a point too. So for me just for these reasons ( i can give you a lot more ), i can tell OVERWATCH IS BROKEN.


Of course it’s dead, the game is horrible, the devs don’t know what they’re doing and don’t care and the only people still playing are addicted because there’s no other decent fps to take us away.


Not even tf2 is dead atm why would Overwatch be dead ? if you do not like something explain it like i do not like to play Tracer because i just get one hit ko’d by Brigitte anyway etc.




You wrote that very nice :slight_smile:


it is dead.
it will never be what it was when it released because this game doesn’t reward casual gaming. It only rewards pro gamers (with SR basically)

Take it from a Gymnast/dancer who worked with companies like Disney, and the worldchampions… it’s lonely at the top

By only rewarding pro-gamers (and the cream of the crop) only those gamers are interested in gaming further (at least in a serious manner).
No casual gamer is going to log into this game an hour a day/week/month/ or even a year, when every time they have a bad game, all they are is cannon fodder follow by being penalized for it by lowering their score, and the points they get at the end of each season

The current system is only fun if you are winning at least 51% of your matches, and that’s if you’re REALLY sportive. I’ve seen streams from pros like Seagull where he after a winning match said and I quote!

“In that last round we had to work so hard it didn’t even feel like winning anymore”.
This from a pro-gamer who loves overwatch!

If thats what your gamer base has been reduced to… then your game is pretty dead.
At this point, blizzard may as well start holding auditions and interviews to permit people to be allowed to play competitive mode, because that’s almost all there is left in there anyway


Yes. Overwatch is dead.


Overwatch is not dead. Wanna know why? Because people find it sooooooo amusing to troll in competitive games where people try their best to climb the ranks. But for some reason blizzard doesnt care about their players at all. They would rather have you buy thousands of loot boxes then to make the game fun to play for everyone. The fun part is that these trollers and griefers dont even get punished while players who try to climb maining 1 hero get banned for not switching… because that falls under the category of “gameplay sabotage”. Are you serious??? Thats not all. Blizzards SR system is so bad it doesnt even come close to the rank you probably should be in because 80% of players are silver/gold tier and cant get out. Because the community is toxic people get stuck in these ranks while others in plat or above have real enjoyable games where everyone communicates instead of trolling the living shiit out of eachoter. I was diamond myself between season 4-6 but then dropped because people griefed my placement games which had put me in gold. I got out because of abusing the party system while playing with my other friends who were in diamond.
Thats another thing. Why the hell can you bring silver players with you in platinum rank. Who the hell thought that was a good idea? Ill tell you what. This game is as dead as can be. It went through the same loop League of Legends did.
Both companies probably fired some of their game balancing and developping staff to hire more designers for skins to get money out of.
I guess making money is more important then giving players an enjoyable experience playing games…
But at the end of the day doesn’t making a game enjoyable create peoples intrest in buying in-game items such as skins?
The gaming industry is going down the drain in my opinion…


Overwatch is not dead yet. It is not dead because is mostly full of toxic people. Today is my last day playing this game. I played it since November 2016 in pc then PS4 until today. I’m an overwatch fan, it’s the only game I play but that’s enough!!! Jeff only cares about skins and skins and skins. New events? NOPE. Thats the first reason. The second is the mainly!! I can’t play a match (arcade or quick or comp) without having leavers, toxic people, smurfs… You know that feeling when you want to keep playing but your not having fun? That’s what I’m feeling since the end of the summer (August). I’m actually sick of this game. Such potencial, and for what? Just for new skins.
Minutes ago my overwatch CD went to the trash bean. I dont know if your trying to solve this problem, but when I report someone (and when I do it, other teammates do it to, usually) I end up playing with the same group or guy. Yes, I can avoid them, but I can only avoid 3 (not forever) and if I need to avoid more… So, another game seeing and listening trash players. Goodbye Overwatch




Yes… all npcs…