Is overwatch dead?


It got killed before this patch thanks to 3 tanks and 3 supports teams making 80% of the games heroes unplayable.


Overwatch is pretty much dead because blizzard think it ok to cater to bunch of esport player.

What does overwatch offer other than competitive gameplay? They don’t even have a 25 vs 25 gameplay like team fortress, they don’t have mod community to keep the game going long.

In short overwatch isn’t worth long term playing, I only played for like few hours and got bored with it.

Even counter strike that have competitive gameplay offer some different game modes for those who are not interested.


Sadly. Yes it has…


I still think that the game need more contents. The recycling events is getting pale. That overrall hurts the game. Please devs reply to our feedback.


I honestly think solo queue needs role queue and role based SR and MMR, and MMR should not be locked to your best heroes forcing you to only play your best heroes when you wanna play something your not good at, how you expect to get good at something if you aren’t allowed to play it ? i see a lot of design issues with the game that makes no sense at all never did, it encourages smurfing and that should’t even be a thing, there also lots of hatred and toxicity towards smurfs sometimes you called one when you aren’t one, its this attitude that ruins the game, but also what causing smurfs to exist that is being ignored by everyone player or dev.


I Googled to see if overwatch is dying or a dead game, and stumbled on this page. Haven’t played this game in ages. Safe to say i won’t be playing it now, glad i did stop actually cause real skill is not rewarded in this game. Good luck to new comers though , I won’t discourage you. I left cause it was too toxic , it was only a matter of time i realized that the game is designed like that, to make you toxic.


Let me start by saying I’ve quit this game several times now for spans an average 3 months for a variety of different reasons and there’s always things like Jeff’s statements about “big super secret things coming” that make me hopeful that the game will finally focus on fairness and start making systems to aid competitive. It’s now march and so far it’s just another regularly scheduled new character and I’m honestly close to throwing in the towel altogether and putting a deaf ear to Blizzard.

There’s a variety of unpleasant things about overwatch, most of which I can kind of ignore and brush off as minor irritations, like not being about to view your match history or the stats of the players in the match for all to see at the end so I know for a fact I did my job the best I could in comparison to the enemy’s same role. I can get past all that.

What I can’t get past is the ridiculous amount of alt accounts people have to boost their friends into ranks they otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to without practice. There’s a ton of reasons why this ruins competitive but I can really boil it down to a few key main points. For instance, you may as well just take the limit for high ranks to play with low ranks down because what’s to stop a higher ranked player from just buying another copy to boost their low ranked friends anyway? But then people wouldn’t have to buy a new copy of the game and Blizzard won’t make as much $$.

And then there’s the fact that once the higher rank is gone from being the carry, the rest of us in the related rank have to utterly babysit that one person or we end up de-ranking with them. It’s utter madness to see a soldier in diamond standing still while he shoots or rarely using his sprint and not see something wrong with that picture.

This issue has entirely infested plat, gold and low diamond and it makes the game impossible to feel fair anymore. I really can’t stand by a ranked mode that is by no means representative of how good YOU are but by how many higher level friends it takes for you to start winning.

I wish there were a suggestion I could give to help resolve this issue, but smurf accounts and Blizzard being able to point to how many sales they’ve made from them is probably too much for them to notice the negative impact it has on it’s players or even consider it an issue to resolve. The fact is, the very existence of alt accounts kills off any trust I have towards playing ranked anymore and if there’s anything that keeps making me quit Overwatch, it’s enabling this behavior by not allowing match stats to reveal them at the end of a game. Ever since private profiles and all this secrecy it’s just gotten worse and it’s ruined a once-amazing competitive game. I’ve been diamond in recent seasons on PC and hovered around masters/GM on Xbox since season 2 so I do recognize higher ranked gameplay, seeing it come from a brand new level 25 is so astonishingly apparent in regards to gameplay sabotage it stuns me that nothing has still been done about it.

Seriously, what’s the point in having a rank limit on playing with others when higher ranks can just buy another copy of the game and throw to get a garbage rank and then boost their friend to leave them there for the rest of us to deal with? The current model of competitive basically says “don’t bother learning the game, just get your good friends to play it for you”.

You could make the argument, why shouldn’t friends be able to play together? Well, for starters, it’s competitive and your own gameplay should define your own rank and you shouldn’t be able to choose who’s on your side. And secondly, Quick play exists for that very reason… to play with your friends, and your friends shouldn’t be a part of your rank. Competitive should have a limitation for solo queuing only to really resolve this issue, there will still be high ranks coming to troll the lower ranks, but the alt account issues won’t be so overwhelming in boosting agenda that it would at least make competitive playable again.


This game is boring meh


Player that says this all the time, came back to see the state slightly hopeful.

We don’t say it because we actually think Overwatch as a game is dead, we say it because the direction the game seemed(s) to be heading is one that we personally find not fun and frustrating so hence I’m out OW is dead. Its hyperbolic, and in a way saying that the people that think the level of community frustration isn’t going to cause some people to leave is absorb.

Facing brig sucked, and it can still be frustrating in some cases, you had post almost every day complaining about how strong she was yet blizzard did micro changes for almost a year before they actually hit her with anything truly ground changing (removing her unlimited ult).

The worst thing is that people were actually defending the game in that state, like it was the most balanced Overwatch yet. Any OP hero in a team based game ruins the game because it will always cause the better player on that hero to be the deciding factor rather than the better team.


The game is not dead, but the development towards the community and competitive is.


i think Ov is alive yet but activision should never infect gamplay design or pressure devs to make .

Also noteworthy situation with new accounts and smurfing im teaching my bf on new accs howto play ov and 70% of the games are ruined by identical named smurfs i culd beat tham but than he dnt learn to play yet i discovered he learned to heate the game because of their disrespectfull behaviour. is there any way to fix and focus on existing playerbase? also tutorial doesnt realy teach people to aim just go in there shoot something.