Is overwatch dead?


no, cus mercy will just res it all the time


1st day of the event an we have no que time to get in the game nor do we have any sever lag from traffic. On top of 3-4 min QP que time. Yeah blizzard please i still sorta like this game and i want it be stay alive.

And i can say why most players stopped as well, 1 word Brigitte.
So far she is in all the games i join and yeah i can see why players are quitting.

When they ult it feels like a zen ulti making everyone immortal and doing damage on top of that. Please blizzard fix this two heroes before all my friends quit i really still like this game.


You really don’t have anything better to do with your time do you XD

Sad really.


Hay man when i’m not playing vs brigitte im crying over here so yeah :disappointed_relieved:
And i’m tired of reading all the i’m stopping this game cause brigitte post’s as well.


Wickedlike she got her nerfs…
You got what you wanted… Now learn to play against her, because even after the nerfs Brig, will still punish players that did what they did before.

You can either chose to learn how to play against her, or keep crying all you want on these forums. The choice is yours to make.


So what thank’s to one hero i have to stop picking 75% the hero’s in the game ? And its fine ? Brigitte is just in every game… and they don’t even swap or get fully countered.

I’m good with complaining about her i wanna see some justice.
I just hope that the game doesn’t get killed before that happens.
Lets face it.
New event, no 20k players in que before me, no server traffic, 3-4 min qp que’s.
And its all this hero’s fault.

Yet again its a support hero player’s shouldn’t be forced to make a team comp just so they can stop one support hero from snowballing a win.


You can pick whatever heroes you like… Just don’t get in her face and fight. Play the ranged battles.

There is no justice to stupidity or unwillingness to learn. That’s on you alone :slight_smile:

Dude you’ll take any sign and point to Brig no matter what. I played the mode once, and I had enough of it… I just continue doing other things I enjoy more than DM… How is that so hard to comprehend ? Does it always mean players have to keep playing something just coz it’s new ?


I had to check up what your last comp rating was at, because of the way you speak dude. I’m not surprised from what I found out,1781.


So apparently everyone’s way to deal with brigitte is to just ignor her and stay far away from here.

Like you can kill her from range… you beak the shield she will just hide behind a corner and get it back up.

Its funny i can jump a roadhog without fearing his hook but i cant jump a support hero…


I posted a link on the other thread for you to watch. Take your time with it and come back here after you seen it and we’ll see if it makes sense or not, on how to play a Brig.


lol 40 million is nothing to u? :joy:

what if they got additional servers? (not that i know of but it might/could be…

ah and good job once more for all the off topic comments =)


40 million copy’s sold world wide 10 million on eu 1mil or less actively players on eu.
For someone that played this game from beta it has nothing like the player base it had at the start.


You played this game since beta ? How are you still at 1781 dude… That’s impossible.


I don’t play at summer times (not one summer event item in my account) and i don’t play more then 3-5 leag or qp games a day.

I can screenshot my account having Season one league stats if you don’t belive.

And i have noire widowmaker which you get from prepurchesing the game.


I believe you played since season 1, but I don’t think you have tried to get better at this game, and try understand all it’s details. Maybe you don’t want to get better and your a casual that just wants to chill out with QP.
That’s perfectly fine.


Brigitte made me a casual QP player.

At this point i picked to play with a team of 5 dps just so i have less of a chance to face of a brigitte with a brigitte on the team its all shielding bubbling and armoring nothing fun nor rewarding about facing it.

I love that brigitte counters rine genji and tracers, heroes i don’t play yet she can still be a thorn in my bum… even if she doesn’t kill me she instantly can save someone on the other side of the map and peel for her supports if you jump in that team.

I cant play reaper cause you know i ult and she just bumps me.
Its good to have counters but not like this


Dude in all seriousness let other people discuss there opinion too.

Take a 1 day break from forums. i am often on the forums but its more like u are having a discussion on every topic with everyone that doesnt share your opinion.


Oh yeah… before that you were going try hard mode in ranked… I can see that :stuck_out_tongue:


In all seriousness, you need to mind your own business.


i am serious mate , this forum is 30% you.