Is overwatch dead?


Am I stopping you from communicating in these forums ?


no, but your like a white noise machine at this very moment , very annoying and i have to read tru all your post to make sense of whats going on


I’m not going to engage you, because it’s pointless and that’s not the aim of this thread.


im just suggesting u give other forum members some space , ur to ontop of everything.

Go out have some fresh air or grab a drink with friends lots of vitamines D these days.


When I see stuff in here, like “One clear indicator that Overwatch is dying”, and the the reasoning behind those are ludicrously mind boggling nuts info, I do have the urge to explain why that’s not the case.

I don’t have a tolerance for that high levels of garbage being thrown around.


Go get them vitamins and forget about these plebs ,
The game is dying if we like it or not.
Every season less and less people play competative and they surely dont move to QP,

The game was great before all the CC and stuns ( Its just a lazy way of thinking up chars or dealing with a problem)

Well Zero out.


You equate lesser people playing competitive to the stuns, CC’s ? I equate it to a dry and stale meta that has rocked the community for a while, followed by match making issues. The new meta if anything has renewed interest in the player base.

And to Wicked, Learn to adapt instead of creating threads saying the games dying. You think people with intelligence can't figure out what your trying to do ? You create these threads with the hopes that Blizzard will finally listen to you. Don't adapt, and keep crying with the notion that your making the majority voice. When provided help in the form of videos, you wash it out saying, Blizzard payed "your overwatch" guy to create those videos and say those things.. You just have to watch a few OWL games to realize what he's saying in it are actually whats going on. But I guess for you, your blind sight won't let you see past anything.


I said that about the brigitte white knights just a moment ago please don’t use my cards vs me its not going to work cause i am smart as well.
In my eyes just like i’m in you’s for sure no douth
You are blindly defending something broken cause you are using it whats there to see.

And now you’ll tell me that i don’t adapt and we back to stage one.
And please don’t think that the majority of players like briggite cause im sure only 20% of the community enjoys her and knows shes busted so they are on the forums blindly defending her. The rest that hate her are player an other game or just exp farming in QP untill shes nerfed…

So what if i send a video about someone complaining about brigitte i instantly win an or get = at the argument ?

All brigitte is is minimum effort with high rewards and its blatanly busted from when you have to ignor her and not go near her… wtf is she you can go near a reaper you can go near a roadhog, you can even go in mccrees flashbang range you will still be more safer then you are next to a brigitte.

At this point you reveal’d your true identity as brigites #1 white knite. In all the conflict we had i didnt once call you out on abusing broken stuff but for some reason you constantly pull the your not adapting card or you just don’t play right dude im a 28 year old dude i’ve played and worked with games all my life i think i have some knowledge of whats broken toxic and does not feel right and i can convey my feeling without low key insulting the other respondent.

You can ignor me and my post cause we will never see eye to eye, but i will complain about stuff not feeling right when my friends start quitting the game cause of it…
Ever since her release the games a mess and everyone’s feeling the repercussions… not just Rine, Genji and tracer mains. If i wanted to paly pharah or brigitte only i wouldn’t play overwatch a game with 27 heroes that has brigitte in every damn game all the time, forcing us to play by her rules…

And don’t fool yourself you can not counter brigitte at best you can stop her from doing damage she’s still going to heal ,armor up, tank and cc like a beast… just won’t be able to kill people AND THAT’S THE PROBLEM YOU PLAY BY HER RULES…

No one hero has demanded so much attention let alone one that can tank and heal on the download…


No wonder your in silver dude. Stay there and keep getting bashed by Brig!


And there we go with the provocative quotes.

So what i have to call you out on being unranked now we have to get in a fight ?
Or do i have to let you know that i have 5 accounts with proof ofc…

All in all we will never see eye to eye so i dont see any reason in continuing this argument with you so that we start from the begging.

At this point i’ve said all i have to say and i showed real facts like the game decay of players. At this point its foolish of my to responed to you if you want to read something read everything i said again and not in just this thread but the 3 other once we had the argument on. Cause im sure it will lead to me repeating myself.

But yeah lets ignore all the post players from this community made about quitting just cause brigitte and no other reason. But hey at least you get to abuse her more and that’s the only thing that matters to you.


Hey, didn’t you tell me we shouldn’t use ranks to demean other forum members? Well, there goes being the better man.


I agree with you, I feel the gaming is dying down but not dying out.
People are just moving on to other things and there will be a steady player base for ow is what I predict.

For me queue times are a lot longer than before for QP 4/5 longer weight, just to be team with 2 snipers on attack, maybe that’s why the player count is down!

I’ve always played late at night, I find that’s the best time for serious, probably the no lifer category players, die hards, try hards and queue times at this hour can be up to 3 minutes long.


And by that I meant not to use the tagline “Hey he’s GM, your bronze don’t make an argument with him”.
I don’t think I have ever done that while talking to Wicked. I asked him to stay in silver, because he’s God damn adamant to want to play against Brig the same old fashioned way he’s done with other heroes. He doesn’t want to adapt to a particular hero and all he is does is spew negativity around.

Take a look at his activity, 90% of them are I’m quitting stories, and how Brigitte is OP.


Heck yeah i play at night as well, so the que time is bugging me alot.

I did openly say i joined the forums just cause brigitte and thats my only reason.
I’m dedicated.
I do comment on topics like this but i don’t take part in making them. Players who stopped the game cause brigitte are the once who made them.

What now is my dark skin color going to be put on the spotlight as well ?


Sounds like you want him to be silver because he doesn’t agree with you.


No because he doesn’t want to learn a thing about this game, and just use pointless debates in here… I never even bothered looking him up until I found the way he was speaking to indicate his experience with this game.

He says he’s been playing since season 1, and if you still haven’t gotten out of silver, I understand why Brig’s a problem for him.


Well, thing is you are doing the very same but in reverse. Every time someone has something negative to say about Brigitte you jump in and start arguing. 90% of your posts might very well be you shilling for Brigitte. And you are way more active than he is.

So as far as I am concerned it is just a matter of subjective preference - you don’t like what he says and thats the only problem you have with him.


Said that 3h’s agol but your still going at it i took everything you had you say its not like it hasnt been said by other players 3 weeks agol. I woun’t aways wanna play brigitte or pharah and thats what ow is forcing me to do with brigitte.

I won’t have this problem is she wasn’t in every game.
And if she was balanced she wouldn’t be in all my games.
Like i said its not a question whether or not i want to play and adapt its just that i have to do that every game since she is in every one of game.

Imagen overwatch having the 2 teams banning one hero b4 a game you think brigitte isn’t going to have 95% bann rate if thats a thing?
Since Ow is part moba all the mobs have a banning phase just for this one reason.

Im not the best player or close to it but if someone better then me plays brig they is no room for counter playing.


I am a man of my word when I say that when you were to make a sound, constructive argument that I’d honor it, and this, my man, is a sound and constructive argument that you put into an opinion of your own based off a solid observation you clearly have made and describe to the other party to make your stance known.

Bustar is right. But so is, in a sense, Star. Wicked should not bombard the forum with the same drivel as much as there’s little need to jump all over it every time to have the same debate raging over three or more separate topics, all with the same people involved.

It might not be what Star intended, but I can totally see that to Bustar, it looks like he’s on a witch hunt/Gitte crusade


We clearly have sides and i dont see the problem of me commenting on players post about quitting the game just cause brigitte especially when we share the same feelings.

Lets not forget a quitting post is someone openly stating that he payed 60 euro for this game and is trowing it away. PPL are feed up so am i.

I know Blizzard wants to shield brigitte blizzard are proud of their heroes. So they keep deleting topics like this one over and over again. Ofc that leavs us no choice but to Server a 1 day mute for making this topic then make it again. Its the only think we can do at this point.

This topic was made to point out that at the start at every even their is aways a 20k player que and huge server lag and traffic.But now their isn’t. And the que timers are as normal as ever. And i can only point a finger on brigitte since she’s everywhere and ppl got bored of facing her really fast.

I can say as well that 50 out of my 53 post are all connected to brigitte.