Is overwatch dead?


But you, mister/missy, need to accept the fact that just because a couple of dozen/hundred people share your opinion on a forum that you’re right and/or have the right to speak for all of them :wink:

You can base your opinion off that observation, sure, but you cannot state with certainty that that’s exactly the way it is.

It’s no secret that the most vocal customers (the ones who’ve paid 60 euro’s like you pointed out) are the ones that have something to complain about. There’s a reason that if a burger joint sells 1000 burgers every day, you’ll never hear from the 999 ones with a perfectly good hamburger, but the 1 guy who got a bad one? Oh boy! He’ll be all over that, as much as he can, as loudly as he can!

Does that mean the other 999 think it’s a bad burger place? No! Does that make it right that the one guy who got one bad burger has the right to say that the other 999 burgers probably were bad burgers too, just because “he couldnt’ find the 999 good reviews”? Hell no!

So don’t :wink:


You have insecurity issues dude… What are we in the 1960’s ? Why would you even bring that up :smiley: ?


But you are missing out on like 66% this things we said.Since we did descuse this in 3 other topics randomly swaping between. We did say that no side can say whos bigger untill blizzard does something unlikely and send a game massage to every activ accout asking is brigitte was ok or not.

And thats not the case in games 1st off all blizzard makes one burger that everyone just gets to smell. Some will like the smell others wount. we dont get to eat anthing. And whats made will stay so their is a point of players going here and saying her shes ok and their is a point of palyers coming here and saying that shes not. This isnt a burger join not a hotel reviewing site this is a game.

When something is lets use the word everyone hates BROKEN some ppl will jump on the train and defend it other will opposed it and that’s final.



I really don’t give a hoo-hah what you were saying, because it’s all opinions and ideas that you are propagating as facts and solutions

They are not facts, they are not solutions…

An ingame prompt is not a reliable way to poll this, a forum post count isn’t either, the only thing that’s final is that Blizzard has all the numbers and data and will act if something is really going off the handle here.

They can see her pickrates, winrates, usage, everything. Hell, some 3rd party websites like can see alot of that data too, it’s where I extrapolate most of my data if somebody says something outrageous based off biased observation.

This isn’t some backyard kindergarten playtime project, this is a multibillion corporation running an award winning online game with server costs, overheads, sales figures and other important things to factor in.

If Brigitte was hurting the game that bad, she’d never been released or would’ve been pulled instead of getting a small nerf today :slight_smile:


You need to stop assuming things. People come and go when it comes to games. And by the way most people don’t quit because x or y thing has been changed in the game but because real life happens and their priorities are changing. If 200 people out of 5000 said they quit because of x thing in game, it doesn’t mean that the rest of 4800 aren’t still playing, also it doesn’t mean that other new players are starting playing.
Get your facts straight before making such a statement in the future.


You don’t get the blizzard moto do you?

If players complain about something it can take a year to be looked at since they will use the “we need more time to collect more data” Still it doesn’t hurt me to express my frustration over brigitte on the forums.

You think players don’t say anything positive when they are happy but here you can see that the moment you say something about brigitte the once who play her will instantly jump you.

The fast that blizzard is a billion $ company lets them do what they want for esport. but the every day joes.

But i can see your argument

She will get what’s coming to her but it won’t be soon. Since shes the new hero. So until then there is no reason in expecting ppl not to complain about brigitte or the game atm.

Like if someone says that he does’t like something their is no way someone can convey him otherwise especially on the internet.

I bid you guys farewells it’s getting late and i’ve been here for 3-4 h talking about nothing but brigitte.


Well… i dont play Overwatch anymore. Because i get 15 game lose streak including all 10 placement matches with my smurf account. This game is just ridiculous. I just cant play after that horrible experience and i dont care any skin. Skins are just fancy lies. This game needs serious treatment.

Also intentionally overpowered heroes are boring. First Mercy and now Hanzo. Hanzo better Winston hunter than Reaper. LOL

Hanzo: Unlimited range sniping, random lucky spam shots, much better tankbusting ability than poor Reaper and double jump+wall climb. He is god. Being obviously op annoying. Intentionally, artificially pushing one hero to god level. Devs mocking us.


OK, this one thing, I have to poke a hole in. You don’t think for a single second that Blizzard is making money off their e-sports division to stick it to the average joe, do you? The reason they invested a lot of time and money, even building the Blizzard Arena, is to get more average joe’s to play the game.

Making the game enjoyable to the 100 or so OWL players that cost them money at the expense of the millions of Joe’s that made them money wouldn’t really be in a company’s best interest, now would it? :man_shrugging:

Actually ~ a recent financial report for the 2nd quarter is stating that the sheer popularity of the OWL is fueling sales figures to more average Joe’s. If a lot of average Joe’s buy the game now thanks to the OWL, and they find out it’s a tryhard, professionals-only, hardcore slaughterfest, the sales figures will plummet, the OWL will lose it’s viewers, and Blizzard will be left standing there with a multi-million dollar building for eSports they can just as well sell to the hobo’s in the dumpsters outside :wink:


So how many more “I Quite Overwatch”, and “Brigitte is OP” posts are you planning on creating in the future?
Do you plan on doing one everyday , or are you thinking of making it a weekly thing ?
Perhaps I can set a reminder for you if you like ?
When you would have created 1,000,000 posts Blizzard will finally nerf Brig down to the floor so you can play the game without ever being bothering by Brigitte :smiley:

At your ello, since Dive and Flanks are anyway non-existent you won’t need Brig to counter anything :rofl:


i would like to remember you guys that brigitte needs to be op to counter tracer and genji.

Considering she is the only one that can do with a certain consistency.

Do not whine about her, you all had the chance to get these 2 crazy dps nerfed properly. You all missed that, face the consequences :smiley:


Well the sound and solid proof that they are catering the average joes is the really fast nerfs on brigitte. You cant really see much of brigitte in OWL and definitely when she shows up she doesent dominate. So having 2 sets of nerfs on her already means that she will be seen even less in OWL after OWL gets the patch. And lets think back like when hog was quite fine, bit trash tier but quite strong on lower ranks, but hardly never seen on high ranks they utterly destroyed hog for a while until they made hog even stronger than he was before but funny thing is people didnt whine about hog anymore even hes way stronger than he was (well some ofc does, there is whine about every hero, but I mean on larger scale).


If you read above i say.

Im not afraid of going next to a reaper a roadhog or in mccrres flash bang range more then i am getting close to brig.
All of em offer more counterplay then her.

I joined the forums just to complane about brigitte no other hero has buged me this much. Not even 200 hp tracer. Or 400 armor dva mech or mass ress mercy or ana nano movespeed.


I mean I dont know what char your even talking about. But I cant really think a 200hp hero who wants to be near mccree because he can annihilate you with flash bang + fan the hammer. With 0 counter play. You get stunned, your dead. On the other hand I cant really think of any 200 hp hero that wants to be next to a brigitte either but at least she cant insta gib you from 200 to 0 like mccree can. And mccree is deadly even on range, while brigitte has only her whip shot doing 70 dmg with a cool down while mccree can just hit normal bullets for 70 or 140 for HS.


I mean he can miss flashbang its rear but its mccrees flash bang we are talking here.

And still even if he stuns me theirs a chanse he sneazes and misses the shot.

And its not like you cant dmg boost brigitte or like have a teammate that will randomly spit at me when im stunned once every 6 sec.

Oh yeah and mcree cant tank and heal for his team on the downlow of thing.


No you cant miss flash bang in melee range unless your bronze. You aim to enemy feet and it always hits when close by.

50% of your screen is the size of the enemy when your in melee range, if you miss that then yeah sure, but so can brigitte miss that.

Yeah because you cant dmg boost mccree and he doesent have team mates because what do you know, hes a lone ranger.

No but mccree can shoot from distance and deal way more damage than brigitte can.


Yeah but at lest mccree needs to be awake to be played right unlike brigitte.
And no she deals more damage then him and more easily. She has more cc and is not useless when counter picked and she actually has a useful ulty.

Pls lets not make this topic about anything els then brigitte compering her to other champions is pointless since she is the new op of the game.


OP you completely ignored the fact that in the past events were released around the same time and everyone was expecting this (for EU around 7-8pm). You would end up with long queues, and complaints of players being disconnected etc. But this Anniversary event has dropped much earlier in the day, unexpected to players to thought it would be in the evening, therefore it didn’t feel as busy. It’s definitely no indication the game is dying, otherwise people wouldn’t still be playing it, and the queues wouldn’t be almost instant.


Woah someone actualy made sence and didnt blindly defende brigitte so unexpected. Bravo.

Yeah the earlyer event drop might have broth this but last even droped earlyer in the day as well and still had some que timer till later at night.

Well guess brigitte isnt at 100% falth here but non the less she makes player wanna quit and we are at a all time low of player in this event, qp que at the night was terrible.

A did a all nighter and i cant say it dident feels difrent from the past day. At point reaching to 5-6 min que on QP and arcade.


Dude. Why the SR shaming. Everyone enjoys the game on their own terms and might have disadvantages you don’t know about or they simply don’t play that much. Everyone can vent their opinion. If you find their opinion unreasonable, then try to be reasonable yourself. You will never make people see things differently with this approach. Be an adult.


you were from the start a casual player. you sulk way too much. Your passive aggressive attitude hurts you. Wake up.