Is overwatch dead?


People who think a game that’s being played by millions is “dead” are just narcissistic snow flakes who think the world revolves around them, hence if they don’t like something, or if their favorite streamer stopped playing, then logically it’s “dead” and useless.


This game is definitely dying. Blizzard doesn’t care about the community, just the money.


Yeah yeah Stan, keep running around every thread saying the same thing doesn’t make it true.


I bet there are fewer players now than there were a year go. That’s just numbers. There’s a reason why Blizzard doesn’t release the number of players there are for WoW anymore. It used to be a selling point, now it’s an embarrassment. Overwatch? Active accounts? Pfft, not trackable. They got their money, they don’t care past that.


And yet Jeff announced that they had 40 million players playing this game, which it appears was an “All time high”.


For me its not merely losing that is annoying and depressing, it is the amount of people who play comp games and don’t care about winning. All the things I do to get better feel meaningless when there is always someone willing to sabotage and throw the game. Basically over 60% of the time at gold/plat there is minimum one such person in the team. I’m hoping the LFG feature will save us… It can’t come soon enough at least.

Maybe they play a poor character choice because they don’t know how to play a better character, but end result is the same. They are countered, they trudge on, they cause the loss against better opponent. I’ve had my fills of symmetras in oasis gardens vs pharmercys…

ps. Honestly toxicity doesn’t bother me AT ALL compared to people who throw the game. However these two things regularly go hand in hand.


I agree. Which is why I suggested making more easier heroes, that can positively impact a game. People start throwing when they feel that whatever they do they can’t positively impact a game. Making more easier to play heroes will at least help with that problem. The notion is, I can’t do anything to win this game, might as well do whatever I want and chill out…


*whole not hole
*their not there
*skill - again this is not just “tracking” if it were then only tracking heroes would be in top 500

Besides my point was just that she is fun to play not anything else. Perhaps you could make some constructive points without targetting individuals for no reason other than to make you feel better

Oh and if you don’t want the “unskilled” people on your team you could
A) Go play a game that is solely based on mechanical skill or
B) When the LFG tool comes just make teams with no tanks or healers, since you (for the most part) don’t want them


this game is trash make me hate playing computer game full stop so glitchy so many heros that are unbalanced like moira doomfist and brigitte im so done last season was bad but this is a joke and the perth server dosnt work its clear that they doint care


Companies lie.

40 million players =/= active players. It’s probably sold games and 20% of it are smurfs, therefore the same players.


Doomfist is also fun to play although he is buggy as hell. At least there is skill involved and you can’t just jump in and survive. Every attack with him has a high risk. If you can’t play him properly you die quicker than a housefly.


every game lose player like cs:go but they will eventually come back.
Its because people play only for elo/sr and when they stuck they lose fun and quit.
In the end they remember why they liked this game and come back.


Add easy heroes.
More people can play.
More people don’t care about skill.
And game gets boring to watch on twitch.
Game gets more toxic thanks to unskilled people.
People quit.


this is probably not the first game you rage quitted.
There are people out there who just can blame the game


“Easy” is quite an overstatement, personal opinion
Dont think that people magically is going to play because they add Brig for example
Quite relative too, skill is not aim only etc
Twitch stats remain stable, no declines, not true
People that cant adapt get toxic and then believe the rest is toxic
People Ragequit

Yeah sure. According to those “truths” WoW is dead but i think those millions of subscribers would say otherwise.


It’s only gotten bad since the balance guy from Heroes moved over to Overwatch (first dive meta and forward).

I mean just look at how Heroes has improved since he left. He is the problem…


Yeah no.
I have a 10 yo cousin that i look after from time to time.
When i play he watches me and sometimes i let him play when i have stuff to do.
Guess what? He does’t play any heroes that takes any sort of aiming and when his on rine or mercy the team can’t even tell that his a 10 yo kid.

Imho you are just blindly defing no skill heores :<.


Making things up also doesnt help your case.
We all can mock and meme things and overexaggerate to make it seem less of what it is.
“Pfff widow takes skill ? its just click on heads lol”
There, easy.


You can say what you want no tilting me with this thou.
Best way to tilt me is call something like mercy a hard hero.


The Game is fine its just that this Community is Garbage