Is overwatch dead?


That would tilt pretty much anyone.


in that time you cried I climbed to low master :smiley:
ok mercy is not so difficult as other heroes but its not like you climb from bronze to gm when you pick her lol


Oh, so ur saying its perfectly fine to jus play for fun and be happy in competitive? ok sure, i instalock torb to have fun in every game to be happy, ok? hahha, torb is so fun i love torb, lets play torb no matter what, it is a fun game to play man. Ya, overwatch is not dead, because everyone already pay the game already. There is no refund to it, jus imagine if there is a refund button, i cant imagine the amount of people will click that to quit this “fun” game. The truth hurts, no offense.

Tks for the thread BTW, from now onwards i won’t care my SR anymore, i jus play what i want and have fun. xD


you talk about carry and you are probably not even plat elo. gtfo you tilt kid


Yes. Dead on twitch = dead game inc.


Define “Fun”!

Not that easy, huh?

Fun can be described in many ways but you can say what’s fun in QP and competitive:

In QP, it’s fun to play casually
In competitive games, it’s fun to play seriously

You can play competitive games for fun if you have fun to play seriously.
If you like to cooperate as a team, tinker the best strategy to win and give your best to reach the desired outcome, then competitive games are the game mode for you.

I personally love both quickplay and competitive games (though I play comp games not often) and you know why Overwatch isn’t dead for me? Because I don’t care to lose, I just want to have fun:

I aim to win but I don’t mind defeat, as long as I gave my best.

It is fun to play seriously and when you play seriously…

Don’t get frustrated over a defeat and don’t be afraid of having a low chance to win. Just enjoy the game you’re currently playing and have fun.

Regret no past, fear no future and enbrace the present!

Also @Schnorrer1…

Don’t start to get offensive or emotional. It won’t help the discussion any further :innocent:


Yeah sorry, I have no respect for kids who constantly cry/sulk/tilt ^^
I mean look at his Acc name : “Idgaf” probably 20years old and still a crybaby


It is still inappropiate and even against the code of conduct.

Let’s keep the discussions civil, ok? :wink:


would be against the code of conduct when I use hard words. But I safe these for my mind.


How do u know i m not even plat elo, cuz u think ur “smart”, gtfo when no one is talking to u.


The game isn’t dead at all but it’s clearly not doing well anymore as It used to do.

The video by Nateson speaks for itself and does feature different opinions from different people that used to promote the game and raise awareness for it. And it’s hard to me to disagree with. Especially if you played the game on it’s prime time.
Started to play the game since Season 3 and played it all the time until Season 8 (Not played on S9 that much due to personal reasons) and on Season 10, Decided to ditch the game entirely and moved to CS:GO and LoL.


Dear Blizzard, if you read this, the game is dying, and people are sad because of it, you guys barely listen to the community and when you do, you screw everything up, ex. Sombra changes, new heroes and taking 2 years to balance Hanzo and to NERF him but instead you BUFFED him, how about if you start listening to the community and what they want instead of your game hanging by a thread because your balancing team is terrible at their jobs and if I was a head at blizzard I would’ve fired them a long time ago, so please listen to the community, you look at a really successful game like Fortnite and they listen to what the players want not what’s the best for them and money, they have great balancing, there’s new updateswth bug fixes all the time and amazing new guns that are all fun and balanced to use and if there is something wrong with a gun, they immediately fix it and put it back into the game, while we have to wait 2 months for 1 bug fix, and usually when new heroes and new patches on the PTR that are not balanced are released on to live servers and then fixed months later, why even have a PTR?! Listen to your community and what they have to say once in a while or it will be the death of a great game that you killed………


I love it when people are posting this kind of whine with their smurf to avoid ban on their main account ! :smiley:

BTW it was a pain to read.


WHy? Cannot ah? what u gonna do ? xD


The game lacks balance and fun. Its not dead sure because people are still playing it but its only dead to the people that dont like it and just moved on. Those that only complaining about it not leaving it alone are trolls, just ignore them like always.


You now this game is sort of ‘dying’ as people say, with barely any new content and recycled events the game is most likely losing it’s player base. Only new heroes and if you just slap on competitive on any old arcade mode aren’t really going to bring many players into the game. Although, the new endorsement and role select is really helpful for the toxicity of the game it still hasn’t solved some problems to the game. From first hand experience, you still have to have luck and whether you will get decent players on the team [ I know at this point I sound tilted (which I am) but it’s still feedback (in my opinion). The time to wait for a group is surprising quite efficient and fast (except some cases) which is a positive but yet again it doesn’t promise a 50/50 chance of winning or losing (realise now that I am talking about competitive) which is what I have been experiencing with a total loss of 700 sr over around 2-3 seasons. Overall, unless some new content is added this game will eventually die out. P.S if you disagree the just comment, it might be interesting to see other’s opinion.


Good news everyone!
The game can be saved and here is how:

  • Nerf Mercy
    Alternately, if you want to have more fun while saving the game:
  • rework Mercy. Just make sure it’s really bad and doesn’t solve the core problem.


The nerf of mercy is a step in the right direction thou.
Now they just need to remove the power creep for the rest of the skill less crew and we can have a clean game.


= Clean Shooter
Which OW is not and will never be.


A role que might save the game but it will increase the queue time and the OW team loves to jerk them self with how fast you can start and get in a game no matter if the quality of that game will be lower then Marianas trench. And then you have the way blizzard love to balance champs buff some and kill others that will ofc make people toxic to the game and force them to quit. Since its fine that bastion has 0.08% pick rate vs mercy’s and rine’s 15% that’s x187 times more picked them him. So what do you think the bastion mains will do at this point ?