Is there a new trend on competitive?

3 games in a row, someone left before game started.

Maybe don’t leave then? Lol

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I think there is, it is new meta.

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Seems to happen a lot now.

I just had 7 leavers in my 5 placement games and my usually placement (around 2300-2700) dropped to 1500…


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Your placement wouldn’t have been impacted by leavers.

Even if you afk’d and threw the 5 games, you’d have placed roughly where your MMR is (which in normal circumstances is about the same as your SR)

So there are 2 options.

  1. Suddenly the system is broken for just you
  2. Your MMR has dropped a lot and your not playing enough games for your SR to have adjusted in the last season/you got boosted
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Yes it would. :man_shrugging:

Sadly not. The result of the match carried such little weighting in placements that it is barely a factor.

Go lose all 5… see where you place compared to your finish.

Bet, if you weren’t boosted, you’ll be around the same number.

Greetings @Versorius , (https: //gyazo. com/34aca076370ed09c03b49b3de1050a22) screenshot.Alot ppl playing the game trought WI-FI.Wi-FI is not strong connection. (make sure,once when u copy/past link u fix it,I put space in the link bcs forum not allowed any website…)

may have something to do with the new moronic “afk timer” that boots you from the game even when you’re back at keyboard.

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Agreed. Seems to be quite a problem.

It isn’t. It asks people sitting in spawn. Don’t do that and you have no issues.

this is simply not true. even as you left spawn it keeps ticking down until you inflict some damage or heal. I’ve got kicked many times that way.

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Lol if you’re in that situation, you were stood about in spawn or afk too long. I wouldn’t be worried.

Exactly this. They need to increase the time limit.

They really don’t. Only people being caught out are those tabbing out or going afk while spawning.

The very rare case someone gets caught because they are being spawn camped. But it isn’t hard to step out, shoot, step back in.

Again, not replying to you :joy:

You must be really lonely.

Nah I’m actually playing the game. Not getting 30 day suspensions for being toxic… lol

I didn’t though? Bless your assumptions.

Lol. So you either lied. Or think people won’t be able to find the comment…

(Literally just took me 20 seconds to find it, September 29th)