Is there reason why i got supension for playing bastion


isnt it my own chose if i want play bastion or not every single game i start i get compleints and unbehaved player that with out reason aim at me and everything that gos wrong in the game is my folt becuse i select bastion … i dont get it … report system just seem flad whenne you have pre made in solo ques and report system that look at nummbers over reasons .plz blizzard i bag remove report system it bad and player just abuse it no reason i had player tell me in chat they report me even if we won the game with my top elim and damage … like nothing i do in game is right just wrong . report system just supporting player that abuse player no reason other then they are unbehaved or not lisening there orders .


If people don’t like your hero, learn another?

It’s what I did when Ana got nerfed way bak when.


why should i change my class becuse some1 else dont like ? is my problam with that . also i only get my rating up playing bastion over any other class … so why would i select something that i know with facts is going make me lose rating ? that kinda mind set just make me frustrated reason why this community is so behavior is they tink they can abuse report system just so they force you around and personaly i am frustrated of it .

also keep in mind i solo que mean every single time some has diffrent heroe they want me to play i dont want play every heroe in game it awfull and not enjoyable at all and if something gos wrong even whenne they selected that other heroe they stil not happy and report me becuse it my folt . also dont help that most game i get is 5 pre made or 4 or 3 or 2 and also always going be me hurt in end .


You can’t always do what you want in life dude


did i pay for game have fun in it … ? i know answer maby you need tink about .

mentelety ure saying right there is reason nono is enjoy ow and every is hatefull.

whenne some else tink they can order other around and if they dont they report them and blizzard look at nummber and not evidence … its pointless to have report system at all in my apinion.