Just give us a role que


i played a fair few games today, in most of them we had 3-4 heal mains(who only played healer) having to dps/tank. i think all of this would be fixed with a simple role que like in World of Warcraft. I wouldn’t care about longer que times if it meant a fun and balanced game and i think it would be a much welcomed feature to the game.


No, thanks.
I would hate joining a match via role queue, just to see how inept my team is but being myself unable to switch. Also sometimes people coordinate on comms for swapping roles.


The game is not ready for a role queue because it’s too restricting for now. It would only work when more heroes, especially hybrids, are released, so you have more liberties when being restricted to one role.

Though that would be only possible if we have almost twice the amount of supports and tanks.


Role queue alone wouldn’t fix anything… already discussed so many times on forums and youtube…

Most people will still queue on dps role. (even people who now flex)
Wait time for the dps role would be insane.
So a lot of players will queue on tank/healer role and then swap to dps role.
Since setups will not always be 2 2 2. Even if Goats will not be meta anymore it will still be probably played on some maps. So they cant lock it.

Next to this with the account based SR, players can still role queue for a role they are a lot worse on then the SR they have. Being able to swap to an important role , someone is playing but is failing would give a lot more frustration.

The only way to solve this is with combining different systems:

  • Hero based SR, each hero has his own sub SR. Where you queue on a hero and can only play/swap to heroes that are close to the same SR.
  • A group create system that will group up players that can always have a 2-2-2 setup with no double heroes and a main tank and main healer, with the players available hero pools, if they want to.
  • User Interface of the start of the map where you can see all available heroes each player can play.
  • Order of hero picks: player with highest SR(of highest hero in his hero pool) is allowed to chose first
  • The SR point system(point counting system that determine how well you did/who got play of the game etc…) changed so it can detect players who are playing far below or far better then the current hero SR. So these players get flagged (probably trolling/ getting boosted/ deranking etc…). And will penalize players who get to many flags in a season.
  • Because SR is hero based the + and - SR you get after matches can be a lot higher: So instead of SR based on win/loose ratio and only like 1-5 points extra/less when your MMR is a lot higher/lower then your SR. You will get like 25 points for a win and another 25 points because your hero stats in the last X matches are all like 300 SR higher then the hero SR you have now. So players heroes SR get on the right SR a lot faster. And new players don’t have lots of bad(and destroy for others) games before they reach their real SR.
  • different comp modes: for 6 stacks, solo/small groups and a practice mode . All having their own SR.
  • a better lfg system without all the problems
  • tournaments for 6 stacks on each rank level.(every week one match, where teams have to plan their own match date/time, winner goes to next round). So you have more reason to create a 6 stack and learn to work together, and stick together even when you loose some(aka learn).
  • More heroes that can counter(not hard counter) in all roles. Each Role should have at least 1 hero that can counter another a hero. So a pharah can be countered by a widow, diva but also an ana, zen or moira So even if you not having a good widow, you have enough other options (on all roles) to counter her. A widow can be countered by another widow, but no one else. So a new tank(create new space or reduces the space the enemy has) that for example can create a smoke screen. And a new healer that for example has a heal battery he can charge up that heals players close to him to max(if battery is charged enough) automatically when they get critically hit by the enemy target the healer has selected


Queue with 4 roles and each role as its own SR:
Healer (Allow access to all supports)
Tank (Allow access to all tanks)
Dps (Allow access to all dps)
Flex (Allow access to all characters)

Team comp:
1 Healer
1 Tank
1 Dps
3 Flex

So you can go 2-2-2 or 3-3-0 or anything with at least 1 tank, 1 healer and 1 dps.

There you go. Problem solved.


Except when you have no main tank or main healer
And you cant play 3-3-0 if you always have 1 dps.
Also a tank cant swap to dps when needed.


“I think all of this would be fixed with a simple role que like in World of Warcraft”

If you think they just say: “We will make this” and it just pops out of nowhere then you really don’t know how hard it is to make this kind of thing.

And if you want to have a good balanced team then just find a group, I don’t think role que will solve any problems.