Just make 2 buttons to queue up

One “I am willing to wait for a long time for a quality match-up with people of similar skill” and then the current “I’m ok with trash matchmaking as long as it starts ASAP”.
For example, I’d always wait 20 minutes instead of getting a mix of gold and diamond skill levels in the same game, I consider anything else waste of my time. Especially since tanks are apparently weighed the same as any other class, so if your tank ends up plat and the enemy tank is masters then gg. This is something any shooter-proficient child would immediately spot and consider, but apparently it’s too much for Blizzard developers.

That sounds like an awful idea.

Or, they could just improve how MM works.
Given the latest update it looks like they are looking to improve it and hopefully continually review it way into the future.

Though I would be up for this if that is their best attempt at delivering a good competitive match.