Just watched a failure of the report system on stream

Was Twitch playing on his account pistolonly.
He got 14d silence although he did nothing (he never says anything banworthy really), simply because his teammates always get fed up with is playstyle - although Blizzard officially stated many times that this is totally legal to play as he does!

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If he was suspended for gameplay sabotage, then based purely on your description it sounds fine.

If your team mates are “always fed up with your play style” then you’re disrupting a lot of games.

Maybe it’s a tad cringe for people to be reporting it, but if he’s playing with fire, he can’t be upset when he gets burnt.

Lol, clicked delete accidentally. Ok here goes: Wasnt the point that blizz ALLOWED exactly what he is doing? that’s how I understood it.
The said its fine to play speed only lucio, and also battle mercy.

To a point yes.

But, there’s the bit in the rules that states acceptable behaviour is determined by us. And you need to be reported so many times in a lot of games get any action.

So, at that point it’s kind of their own fault if it’s got that bad.