Lag....server crash etc


Hi guys…
Today you seem to have issues with server and I am writing this in very nice manner considering how much I am pissed off…

I got lag here and there today, friend in group got dced…
Then boom beginning of match server kicks me off… I get back in less then 10 secs, my teammates actually counted… you cancel game…
Like cool, next time I wont even try to get back, whats the point if you dont hold to your own rule of 10 secs…

50SR takes me long time ti grind in my rank… I dont wanna go over those reasons now…

But, fix your servers…



Hello Iro,

I’m sorry to hear about your loss of season rating. Unfortunately, this isn’t something customer support can restore or alter. I hope you’re able to recover your rating fast enough.

Should the disconnections be frequent, please follow the steps mentioned in our Troubleshooting Connection and Latency Issues article, including the advanced troubleshooting if needed.

How’s my driving? Let me know!


This is a terrible answer. Imagine the people who has to play with him as well who will instantly lose their game. I am getting people dced in my team 3-4 times a day now and there are no relief on the people in that team. The worst case is when someone leaves early in the game and you dont cancel the game or give less sr minus. Is completely broken and its no wonder your stock is plummeting when you treat your players and just increases frustrating in your playerbase.



When a member of your team leaves the match and the match is cancelled, you do not receive a penalty. Only the leaver does.

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today for no reason I have been disconnected from the game. try login back, in first i have option rejoin to you game. but nothing happening and after that i need to login, and login and login… and in the end i have got penalty…75% minus of the points for 11 games… and 2h not to play in competitive games.
ok i swallow this. just 10 min ago happen absolutely same…
now I am band for 8h and i iven did’t look the % penalty. if I am out of the game for my own things- OK, but the server kick me out and now I have penalty. this is not right. ho ever checking the forum need to explain the ishu to the program board of the directors and sort the problem…


this is like bully, get penalise for not own fault… I don’t like to be pushing around. like gridy policeman, stop you to penalise you. but you did’t brake the speed limit, he don’t give a s*****t he will just penalise you to pretend some work have been don.
i am so upset, and if I have same problem repite and get penalty for no my mistake, I will delite the game and stob be a plaer on the game…


When he dc during match its a 5v6 and an almost guaranteed lost game.




Yes but what he is saying is the fact he gets kicked out at the start of a game which is then cancelled. When that happens he is the only person who gets deducted SR, not the entire team.


Hello everyone,

With connection issues, it’s always important to start by discarding the most common causes for this kind of problem. Please, check this article and make sure you follow all the instructions, including the advanced steps:

If the issue persists, we’ll need some data so we can investigate:

  • Details of issue:
  • Date/time it started:
  • City/Country:
  • Internet Provider:
  • Traceroute (right after a disconnection or whenever you’re experiencing the issue)
  • Pathping (right after a disconnection or whenever you’re experiencing the issue)
  • WinMTR (right after a disconnection or whenever you’re experiencing the issue)

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