Latency differing from match to match, EU

From Istanbul, my ping to EU servers used to be consistent 70-80ms, but since the past few months it differs from match to match and mostly excessively high.

I tried and double checked everything on my end but couldn’t find a problem so far, but i stumbled upon something in-game, whenever i make a custom lobby, select the server from lobby settings and start the game, ping will be excessively high, but restarting the match once on the same server IP will reduce the ping to what it should be. It sounded random at first, but i tried it multiple times at different times and in custom lobbies that were full and weren’t made by me in both France and Netherlands servers and was able to replicate same result consistently.

To be sure about this, i also tried a VPN, but with a VPN the ping stayed consistent across servers, matches and custom lobbies, then i tried the method on NA servers and again the ping stayed consistent across matches and custom lobbies.

I’m not exactly sure but guessing this might have to do with the ping differing from game to game, and since i can’t restart the matches i queue for, it’s a gamble of whether i’ll get a match with good or bad ping, and the difference excessive ping makes is highly noticeable and unpleasant.

My ISP is TurkTelekom

I have example pictures of the issue containing netgraphs along with pathpings i uploaded to imgur, and pastebin for MTR, but it won’t let me link them, i’ll try again in the comments to see if that works, but if it doesn’t i don’t what to do about it, i wanted to contact support at first, where i would be able to attach them, but couldn’t find a fitting category and it suggested me to make a post about it here.

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