Leavers, a short story, or long?



Since 222 was deployed, I noticed a vast increase on leavers and in way which is more annoying than before. Now the leavers are leaving right after losing the first point, OR first fight. I play this game since launch, and I never seen this many before.

I mean if you wanna leave because you lost the first fight it is fine for me, since the match will end in 10 seconds. But after beating the enemy team and get the first point? come on!
My 5 placement matches as dps, I lost 4 because of leavers, normally after we lost the first point or round they leave.

So here is the today story.
I played like 6 matches. The 3 matches we simply destroyed the enemy, someone left after losing the first point, then the match is over in 10 seconds. So no SR from very potential victories.
On the other hand, the 2 matches we were destroyed by the enemy and nobody left. This pissed me off so much, that in the next match we were overran again, and I just left the competitive match because it was too much for me.
Just for info, I never ever leave matches, even though emergency happens sometimes and I understand that. I already won matches 5v6! But this time, I was just pissed with all this bs from matchmaking.

This is just an example for today. But this is happening more often than it should. Leavers breaking win potential.
Then someone will say, that this happens to everyone and it will even out in a long run. I doubt it, without data to check this is a matter opinion.

Simple actions can fix this.

  • Do not cancel the match after someone get the first point
  • Punish leavers harder

How often is this leaver thing happening to you guys?
I am from EU servers.


I started to think the leavers is some technical issue. There are really too much of them and they leave without ANY reference to win or lose the first point or fight, often they leave before gates are open. May be the last updated causes more crashes or there is a server error.