Leavers is competitive play

so as we know, there are a lot of leavers in comp. alot.
and if someone leaves towards the very start of the match, the match is cancelled. so why when more than 2/3 minutes have gone by and the leaver hasn’t returned, why is the match then isn’t cancelled? so maybe not 1 leaver, but i just had a game with 2 leavers. no way for us to win with 1 less support and tank. why not cancel the match then? if they can detect someone leaving at the start they can surely do it a few minutes into the match and when there is mroe than one leaver.

Because that’s taking precious time from players.

Are you suggesting:

A) The user can leave in a period of 3 minutes and still return within that timeframe without punishment?


B) User can only leave in the first minute of the match and is able to return within a 3 minute timeframe.

So is it either extending the time the player can leave or giving more time for the player to return?

Because within 2 a 3 minutes i can already decide if the match is going to be easy or hard, so i can leave and the match will be canceled.

Though if we’re going with option B then it would indeed be better since it can’t be abused.

Do hold in mind that the first few minutes of the match are the most important.
Not to mention that there are only around 6 minutes in the start of Escort/Hybrid maps, meaning already half of the match time is taken off if the leaver were to return therefore creating a harder enviorment for the team.