Leavers - need appropriate punishment

We all know Overwatch is such a team game and that 5v6 = auto loss in most circumstances.

A leaver therefore gives 5 other players about -25 SR (-125 SR total)

Why then is the leaver only punished -50 SR (and some derisory ban from competitive)…?

A far harsher punishment is needed. In the lower ranks in particular, it is impossible to climb as every other game has a leaver. its endemic of the player base.

A SIMPLE fix like -100 SR would heavily deter would be leavers and make for a far more enjoyable game experience for all.

Please for heavens sake Blizzard, make a suitable change to punish those who are ruining the gaming experience of others.

im gonna be honest, if 50 sr isnt enough to have people stop, then 100 isnt either

People that leave alot really wouldn’t mind harsher punishments.

It might remove a small part of the leavers, though it will still happen alot.

Make the punishment too harsh and people will stop playing competitive overall because they’re scared of something happening whilst everything is fine.

I’d even go -150 SR if I had my own way…

Think you underplay the effectiveness of an increase for -50 to -100 SR though, its 2 to 4 games worth of SR.

-150 would be 6 games. Joy :slight_smile:

the thing is, an sr reduction dosnt mean much when it comes to climbing.

lets just use my 2600 dps as an example.

dropping down 100 sr dosnt really mean much as im still in the same tier, it’s a mild annoyance at best.

while if you increase it to higher amounts. such as 2-300, then i get to play against mid-low golds while im mid-low plat.

which also makes smurfing much easier.

I think the time punishment is the worst part about the leaver penalty

150sr for leaving…

If you are a deranker (scum bags) thats an easy way to lose SR quick once. saves throwing so many games lol