Lets vote on the ptr


can we vote if the new ptr changes should pass throw for real tho . no one will play tank any more


Ptr changes don’t always stay untouched. If their analysis notices that tanks are at a great disadvantage, they’ll most likely tweak the ptr changes before it gets live.


But they want to remove the current meta.
So even if you vote no they will still make tanks less strong.
So you get more the 2 2 2 setup again.

Tanks have a certain role that can not/or is a lot harder be done by other heroes. At the moment tanks are so strong that having dps heroes is of a lesser value as another tank+healer combo. You can almost ignore the damage done from the dps heroes when you play well enough. And just kill the enemy tanks/healers and the group fight is over. Since 2 dps alone cant do anything against a 3-3.


and yet goats will still be meta because the true problem is AOE healing that stacks… just put a penalty on AOE heal stacking


Yeah, the issue with goats was never that tanks and supports are too powerful - in a vacuum, Hanzo, new McCree etc were always stronger than any single hero used in goats. In a vacuum, Hog is the best off tank in the game. In context however, abilities that benefit your team and not only you (y’know, like those of Hanzo, Cree or Hog), are more valuable. Every support is a team play hero, every tank is a team play hero. Team play is successful. That’s the thing. Yeah, you can make McCree OP and Reaper even more OP. At some point, the game won’t be about teamplay anymore, but about a single char that dominates - which is boring.

But back to topic: let’s hope new Reaper won’t come to live, it’d be ridiculous.


I’m really looking forward to the armor changes.
Its going to reward good tracer aim.

Also how d.va will be played in the pro scene.
Since for them it might makes the difference.
For casuals, its not even a real change.

Reaper… Well i enjoy Widowmaker, so I don’t really care about our edge lord.
Might get a bit harsh below gold.

But i just hope to see some dps in the owl again.
I don’t think we’ll see a lot of reaper there.