LGBT pride icons!

straight pride is hardly needed… people have never been jailed or executed or fired for being straight.

I rather have no sjw than any at all. I don’t need that kind of crap

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so i can’t be proud of what i am? well, that’s nice and inclusive, isn’t it?
also, the only countries that still execute homosexuals are the islamic ones, as for harassment, everyone is harassed in their lives, regardless of their sexuality. i was harassed for how i looked and talked, where is my parade?

straight pride is just dumb… the point in the pride part is to make it clear that homosexuality is nothing to be ashamed of…

No one has ever suggested that hetrosexuality is any kind of source of shame.

Also not only islamic countries american evangelist for example do make their way to chritian african countries to lobby fort the death penatly for homosexuality because they cant get away with that at home.
(incidentally those guys may also be involved in witch hunts in africa too… which usually ends up targeting children)

again in the US there are anti-sodomy laws clearly targeted at homosexuals.

straight people basically never ever face any harassment over their sexual orientation it just never happens unless its some very unlikely deviation from the norm.

at any rate the islamic world is far from the only ones to execute homosexuals…
It basicall related to how secular the society is more likely then anything else.

Also can you think of a single derogatory term specifically about people doing a hetrosexual sex act? that specifically is about the hetrosexuality of the act?

i highly doubt you can find a single word for that…
the idea of straight pride is basically an absurd self parody…

not because there is anything wrong with being straight but because it’s an absolute non-issue… like insisting all mountains must have anchors and chains so they dont move about…

hm, so my sexuality doesn’t matter. good to know.

that’s totally not the point !
now your just doing a really dumb straw-man argument!

isn’t it? you can’t deny that the pride parade has become a joke. it’s full of public nudity and obscenities that would land anyone else in jail, but not those guys. what started as a voice for the oppressed became a freakshow.
bottomline, either you include EVERYTING or nothing, you want pride icons? add straight ones too.
this is an online game not tumblr

obsenity is a very personal think…
personally i think the idea that anything sexual is obsene is absurd.

sexual shame kinda originate with the acient hebrew people who started their tradition of genital mutilation as a way to alienate themselves to other comunities to prevent them getting absorbed by other cultures since they where landless… after that bit social shame beased mechanic worked out so well they developed a whole hoast of other powerful memes on similar themes.
it’s been one of the most powerful and destructive memes through out history.

to the point where some assume that the judeo-christian view point on sexual matters is the only possible view point totally disreguarding more intresting historical points of view on sexual matters.

Like how many older religion saw sex as a comunion with the devine for instance and a very religiously important act.

You really should try to see the world from more then the view points your used to and not assume so much…

remember assume make an ass out of u and me.

yeah but we aren’t in those older religions, we are supposed to be civilized and having semi-naked people covered in dildos parading in the middle of a city isn’t something i’d call civilized.

civilized… ah yes the word used to excuse imperialism and cultural supression and domination…

a word used to justify pludering the wealth of nation and turning all countries captured into the attackers likeness…

that is not a good thing!

and again your not even trying to look outside your own perspective and actually consider that there may be more then one way to view the world… way that add much more richness to the world .

it may be tempting to want to turn everyone into clones of yourself so they will always agree with you… but that will get horribly boring in the long run.

I never really played Overwatch for the sex, but ok. Let’s introduce more sex in our games, so that we can complain about it later.

I don’t really see the point of that to be honest. Most people don’t play the game cuz X or Y hero is gay etc. Also I think they made a huge mistake bringing that into a video game which you are supposed to enjoy for its content not for the fact that a hero is straight or has another sexual orientation.

FFS… I literally cannot reply because every response needs to be “checked”.

What a stupid world I live in. :joy:

It wasn’t a “mistake”. It was just a thing that happened. A character was THE gay, just like another character was THE straight. It should be a none issue. It doesn’t need to be applauded and it doesn’t need to be condemned. It just needs to be. Coolly. Calmly. Without incident. It is a none issue that doesn’t even need to be brought up. When that happens, we will truly have reached equality and acceptance.

Until then, people like you will see it as an oddity and the other side will see it as something to be prideful about. The truth is that both sides are wrong, and you’re trying to counter each other when in reality there shouldn’t be anything to counter to begin with because it shouldn’t be an issue at all.

So, I say Blizz have done things right here. They have gay characters and they are gay. They haven’t shone a spot light on it. They haven’t released a gay pride sticker. They just have some characters who happen to be gay. It is the player base that make it into an issue, one way or the other. It’s the player base who are in the wrong.


My proper response needs to be “checked”, but in short, you’re wrong, it’s not a “mistake” having gay characters just like it’s not a “mistake” to have straight characters. These are just characteristics of a character, like if a character prefers tea to coffee.

Yeah, an another for the Communist Party, please.

I don’t see it in any way, I really don’t care about it , all i’m saying is that this shouldn’t be people’s main concern and priority when playing a game. And adding this into a video game it will only cause people to argue over something that is basically not related in any way with the game play.

I agree then. I was just going off how you worded things in your first response.

Yep but a characters hair colour isn’t related to the gameplay either and yet everyone’s fine with having characters with different hair colours in the game. The same should be true with orientation. It should be a none issue.

Could you out of ordinary people finally play the game as for what it is and stop with that crap?

Keep your LGBT stuff out of the game. Im tired of you, your parades and other sh1т you do, dont you dare put that in a game.

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