Looking for people to form a new team!

Hey everyone, who’s looking for a new team?

We are kickstarting a brand new team called “placeholder name”. Here is your opportunity to be a part of it.

“placeholder name” will be a team comprised of diamond players. We aspire to be a diverse team because that hopefully creates a welcoming, safe vibe. Our ambition is to form a tight-knit group of friendly, mature people, with boundless humour, who seek to improve in the Overwatch competitive scene. We are looking for members that are willing to contribute to make this team a success.
Obviously, other team goals will be determined by the team itself, when more people have joined and when the team has become stable.

Rest assured, we already have experience in running a team.

A bit about ourselves: Jad is 37 years old and from the Netherlands. He is a manager in Social Work, raising two kids. Musician is 27 years old and from Germany. He is a semi-professional musician, performing in orchestras, while completing his degree at university.

• 21 years or older.
• In general, be a friendly, mature and positive person. (If we need to tell you more, you’re probably not what we’re looking for. :grin:)

Good to know:
We’re part of a bigger gaming community, called Serenity Gaming. Once we’ve settled, we’ll come to that.

So, if you’re interested, feel free to message us on Discord:

Updating this post to let you know two more people have joined (25 and 31 year old). This means that the following roles are still open:

• OT
• Flex tank
• Projectile dps
• Flex dps.
• Support

Hop on the train if you’re interested!