Looking for some casual play friends!


Hi there, I go by Tricky pretty much everywhere and I’m mostly just looking to make some friends I can play some casual quickplay with, since I’m not the best player X(
I don’t think I’m good enough to call myself a ‘main’ but I mostly play D.va! My battle ID is TrickyBee#2329 and my Discord is TrickyBee#5248 so please add me on both or either and let’s play sometime! I play in Europe sever(mostly) and I only speak English, sorry to any potential foreign friends ^.^

Thank you for your time!


Quick Play, and casual Quick Play at that. Fine, I’m in!


Hello there,

If you are looking for some peoples to play with, we are bunch of friend on a discord server where we often play together, in a chill and funny atmosphere, ranked, custom, qp, anything.

If you wanna join, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

h ttps://discord.gg/EfgEMKd

Maybe you’ll find what you are looking for :smiley: