Losing SR due to server instability

I’ve lost over 400sr in total by disconnecting from games in recent times and I’m lowkey getting pretty fed up with it. The issue isn’t my internet either 'cause everything else works perfectly fine, I’m using a cable over wifi and I don’t even disconnect from Battlenet either.

I know that by leaving, you’re technically screwing your team over which should result in a certain form of punishment, but I’m getting pretty tired of being punished because Blizzard’s servers are less reliable than the gender of a prostitute in Thailand.

Have you recently had any of your SR tanked because of dubiously inconvenient disconnections as well?


Not SR, no. But the game in general is more unpredictable at the moment, shots that should land, not landing. Grenades dissappearing mid air. Since Sunday for me. Had a black screen just now.


Same issue with me lost 150 sr today because of this glitch in 6V6 competitive elimination. I was top 500 now im just a plat guy.
Blizzard fix this now or give sr back.

I played competitive in Arcade mode. I was disconnected due to a server error but managed to log on to the same match and we won 3-2. My issue here is even though my team and I won I was penalized around 40-50 sr. I am trying to remain level headed but what the hell?

Does also anyone experience missing buttons press? Sometimes I have to press my abilities more than once, I never experienced thay before