Lost 100 sr because of game problem


It alredy happend twice when i joined a competetive game and everything was fine until we went out of spawns to attack and everyone just stoped moving and the game crashed to the loading screen with a big red title say “failed to connect server” it took me like 1 minute until i could log back in to the game to discover that i got banned for 5 minutes, i write this topic hopefully so i could get my 100 sr i lost back and fix the problem casue its realy not my fault and its not fun to get ban and lose sr.


Hey InfernoStorm,

unfortunately it’s not possible for Customer Support to lift the ban for you, or to give you the lost SR bacc. If you’re receiving the “Failed to connect to server” error, I’d suggest troubleshooting your connection — even if your internet doesn’t go down, latency and pakket loss often cause this particular error. Please see if these steps can help you out:

Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile: