Lucio Onetricks


Quite a lot this season, and some with considerably high SR

Was there a buff I missed?

Rank 1 SR atm is Lucio as well!


No buff

Lucio is just the best


Wasn’t his last update a nerf? I can’t remember…

Just curious!


I think his last update was the increased aura range and the QOL wall riding. But that was ages ago… However, Rein is quite popular these days, and Lucio goes well with him.

Also, I think thoes are mostly Lucio mains, not Lucio one-tricks… y’know, words mean things. :stuck_out_tongue:


Got it! Thanks for clearing that up. I am a recent Lucio main so have only ever played him in his current state.


Hmm I think he is just quite easy to play, hard to kill, he does so much but the skill ceiling is good.


I don’t know… I wonder if he’s been used in OWL recently or something, I’m just noticing a lot more people playing him, whereas before it was mostly a Ana / Zen combo.


He is one of the heroes with the highest pick rate in OWL, there is GOATs comp which is basically Moira, Lucio, Brig, Dva, Zarya and Rein, or was, I don’t actually play comp.