Matchmaking inconsistency between accounts

im not one to claim rigged matchmaker but there’s something going on.
this account, level 400 was gm last season, but I literally got nothing but mid diamond peak tanks.
alright, lack of playerbase, there’s nothing you can do.
or so I thought.
after losing 800sr this account is currently at the same rank to my level 80 smurf, but the smurf gets accurately ranked teammates while my main is still getting under ranked tanks.

seems a bit strange to me.


You’ve not factored in MMR which is probably slightly different on each account.

if mmr is causing one account to be placed with people that are over 700sr below you consistently while the other account is climbing then theres even more reason for concern dude.
same player different mmr is kinda proof that it doesn’t work…


mmr is different for each account .it could be same player but different mmr . it also affects at what tie of the day you play the game on which account . players might be available of that rank at that time .sometimes they dont.

Well, there is a 1000sr potential matching range in most ranks. Whilst it doesn’t go that far often, it is a totally plausible possible outcome.

Add that to MMRs that could be fairly different, then you’re in for a different experience on each account.

That’s the exact reason for concern. They have claimed that it’s accurate after 10 games, but this implies the opposite.

This is a fair one that I ‘tested’ by playing at the same time but different days. It seems to be that my main account straight up gets less accurately ranked games.

  1. There shouldn’t be. If I can’t duo with someone, I shouldn’t be able to randomly place with them.
  2. I’ve seen over 1k before but it’s rare. For it to be consistant for a single account is worrying

Well yeah but that’s kind of the issue.
You’re claiming that my main gets bad teammates because of mmr but then playing with bad teammates will cause mmr to fall. If that’s how it works then we have bigger issues than a redifined sequal holding new content hostage.

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Accurate doesn’t mean identical.

Of you’re playing different heroes, roles, with a different mind set. And all sorts of things that could impact your performance in matches.

Your MMR will be similar, not the same.

Also, unless you’re playing on both accounts at the same time, you can’t really judge if the matches are the same or not.

“Bad teammates” lol. Match results have little to no impact on MMR

It does though. Or at the very least there would be a small varience that could be within margin of error. Falling an entire rank is not within margin of error dude. How can both be right? One of them is either wrong or the term accuracy is a stretch at best and a lie at worst.

nope. same role, same heros, and now same rank.

similar? dude? theres nothing similar about it. one account was gm and is now fighting for masters and the other is on its way to gm.

nor did I claim it did. bad teammates dictate how you play. im a support player dude. playing well in gm is completely different from playing well in masters. if i position how I would in gm then masters tanks will, without question, not pay attention to where I am and constantly break los. so i have two options. position poorly to keep them up or position well and let them feed. do you see the issue yet?

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Playing at the same clock time, but on a different day is not the same as logging into 2 accounts at the same time and queueing at the same time and seeing what happens.

Try that for a few games and see what results you get.

it is, however, the literal closest a single person can get to testing such a problem.

you want me to queue up on two accounts at the same time and do what exactly? throw one and play the other?

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You can open multiple instances of battlenet (option for it in the settings) and open multiple versions of OW at the same time.

I don’t really care if you do it or not. But unless you do, you can’t really know for sure.

“These 2 different things I use as completely different times aren’t exactly the same”… Isn’t really much of anything is it.

Then what? I can’t play two games at once now can I dude?

I literally never claimed I did. I stated my experience and that it seems strange.

Considering it’s been happening for at least 3 weeks with even time on each account I’m going to go ahead and say there’s more weight to it than you seem to think.

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You can queue 2 it more accounts at the same time and see what lobbies you get.

You want to claim something’s up, go get the evidence.

right… and what happens when both accounts get games at the same time? or even in the same game? or do you want me to leave queue when one gets a match? that just seems like the exact same strategy as previously mentioned just with added risk.

my friend, literally any evidence I can get is anecdotal. using your methodology wont generate more reliable data.

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I didn’t say it wasn’t without issues. But if you want answers, only you have the power to gather the data.

Then you can analyse what’s happened and make your own mind.

If you come to the same conclusion you have hard data to back up your claim and no one can realistically disagree with you.

Using this method would generate the only days that is accurate. Record it too and you’ve nailed it.

data that is no more accurate than simply playing on each account for a week and comparing the results.

I did do that and you decided to tell me that my ‘tests’ didn’t matter because your methodology is better. (it isnt btw. literally the same with added throwing.)

im not making a claim my man. I stated my experience and said it seemed strange.

my guy, think through your methodology.
I queue up.
both accs get a match. I literally have to throw at least one. mmr is affected.
its inherently flawed.

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It’s a lot more accurate as you’d be queueing at exactly the same time, thus neutralising most of the variables.

I never said it was good in terms of the ToS or anything like that… just the only way to get exactly what you want.

What you do if you did it and got a match is of no concern to me. That’s between you and yourself. Not impacting me in any way.

the only variables I would be eliminating is the possibility that mmr changes every other week.

what I want? I dont want anything my man. like I said, i stated my experience and that it seemed strange.

I personally am not effecting you but if someone else stumbles upon this thread and uses your methodology, it could absolutely affect you.

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You don’t seem to understand your own issue. So I’ll leave you to it. Try the test, otherwise you don’t really have much to back up your complaint.

Not really. Someone throwing impacts 1 match. Not a season.

Not really bothered about a match.

my issue is that I am experiencing an inconsistency between accounts. that’s it, and that’s all I have ever claimed.

you think it would only affect one match? there are two accouts that can get games and team sr range means that even after a few losses there is nothing stopping that same account from being on your team again.

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