Mature players for ranked play


Hi all,

Been playing Overwatch for over a year now (high gold) and wanting to finally take it a bit more seriously. I mainly flex on quickplay, but I’ve narrowed it down to Zenyatta, Reaper, Moira and Roadhog for ranked play for season 12 - although I’ll obviously put character choice before my own ego if needed to get the win.

I’m an oldie, so preferably you’re mature as well. I’m wanting to use mic too, so english speaking is a necessity. Basically, if you can have fun and maintain a positive outlook even if getting stomped then i want to hear from you. Ideally, an existing group that needs a few more would be perfect, but I’ll take whatever is out there :grinning:.

PSN: Obo-kenobi


Looking for players to play in competitive overwatch playing in leagues and tournaments just wondering if you would be interested my team name is(Divinity esports)