Mercy damage ticks on Hanzo ult


Heya Blizz. You know how you “fixed” the “bug” where Mercy can no longer damage boost the Hanzo ult? Well I still hear damage ticks while boosting him during his ult. Maybe you can “fix” that too? :hugs:


If its not a turret or a trap, mercy can damage boost it. Mercy can damage boost Dva’s Self Destruct too. And Hanzo’s Dragonstrike too.


I hear the sound too and it shows Mercy’s icon in kill feed besides Hanzo’s.


Dragontrike not anymore, as far as I heard, they removed the dmg increase on dragonstrike to enable counter play against grav dragons.
Since you require ana nade + zen ult and I think it wasn’t even enough.


We still get assists when dmg boosting hanzo’ dragonstrike…


Mercy is boosting the hero that gets the kill, but not the spirit doing damage. That’s why you get the assist and see her in the killfeed.


She shouldnt get assists if she does not assist… :slight_smile:


True, but it doesn’t really make a difference, so I hope they spend time on fixing the Rein issue instead :joy:


Well they are already working on a total rework of rein to fix his bugs… meanwhile they could fix this… :slight_smile:


Yeah, problem is that they seem to have introduced some code from that rework that wasn’t ready in the last patch, completely breaking him…


Oh… didnt know that… :frowning: I Dont play him my self, even if he is fun to play… :slight_smile: