Message to Moira Players


If they’re not healing then you don’t have any supports and should plan accordingly. There are things you can do in that situation. Hey, you can even switch to support yourself! The way you play should change depending on your team composition.


Of course it should. When the moira player think’s they’re a DPS and only has 2,000 healing after two rounds of KOTH, I go roadhog and outheal them :confused:


Reply from a Moira player

So I’m crawling my way out of Silver, slowly, flexing between tank and support because its silver and every new player is convinced they have the best DPS skills in the game and are above playing map suitable tanks or support. This is the first season I’m really trying to grind in comp, previous seasons I’ve only played about 20 or so games in each before the toxicity overwhelmed me

The gap between my comp MMR & SR versus my QP and Arcade MMR is beyond broken looking at the people I get matched with outside comp, seriously it’s a joke. Looking at the recent player career profiles mostly diamond with the odd master in other modes, but it is what it is and I need to grind out of this comp mess myself. Only relevance that has is to support me saying I am not totally clueless at the game. This season my win rate overall is currently 48.65 but SR is going up steadily, so although I’m old, scuffed and dented I have some basic competence.

At the lowest tiers playing Ana is almost impossible in 60% of the games, you are mostly useless as your team bumble round the map, run off down corridors and round corners you can’t shoot down or follow as you have zero mobility. Also as nobody considers that the opposition might flank or dive your supports you are on your own, not fun as Moira but suicide as Ana. So you die, then get flamed by an over extending DPS for not healing them.

Last night in particular was amazing, Moira on route 66, solo healing. First few defensive engagements we hold strong, much healing output as my team feed their brains out not playing behind cover. Opposition reaper gets his ult, flanks, alts in my face. So I tell the team, reaper behind, I’m down, no heals. Only reply a few seconds later is from our soldier “FFS Moira, why you no F****** heal me bro, you $***”

So I repeat that the reaper is flanking, I need someone to help in the backline, we half group up, bumble along for a bit DPS and Tanks rush off, feed, and oh look, another Reaper ult to my face but we hold.

Coming back from spawn I find a Dva between me and my team, full health and prowling. I shout into voice for help. All I get as a reply is “Why you not F***ing healing me!”

Once I’ve successfully duelled the Dva I then explain why I wasn’t there, again “Whatever Bro, your s***, uninstall the game”.

That’s the life of low ranked support play, that’s why we play Moira and often have Gold Elims and healing as we have to fend for ourselves. Also why in many games I have won as Moira I have 4 golds, the opposition are often just as bad and try diving with a 5 hours experience pro Genji.

I’m not the best support player, I’m in silver for a reason, perhaps with Jeffs promise to expand on how SR works I might one day know more about what I’m doing wrong. Maybe if role queue does become a thing I might get to play tank more often, maybe even DPS occasionally having spent hours and hours learning a few hero’s in other modes it would be nice to see if practice actually helps or should I just let level 60 pro soldiers do all the fun stuff instead.

In summary DPS Moira might be frustrating at higher tiers, and don’t get me started about 8 player FFA Moira’s, down at the bottom of the comp game Moira is often the only playable support.

Apologies that got a bit longer than intended, perhaps I’m still in trauma from last nights low ranked hell matches.


You’re forgetting that it’s not Moira players fault that they will be focused more on DPS than healing, you gotta blame blizzard like they made brig. Moiras attributes for DPS can outclass her healing feature. Her healing can heal groups but it’s limited and forces the Moira to DPS which her stupidly long reach, vampire ability and unlimited damage beam. If you want a Moira to heal you, her dps side needs to get nerfed and her healing side needs to get slightly buffed so they it can get more heroes off the bench from that hard counter and Moira’s will probably heal more since the DPS side will be abit weaker


First of all, if you want a moira to heal you, she needs to actually dps to be able to recharge her heal. Secondly, when you do 60 kills, 30 on point, 9K damage (gold) and 22k of healing, I don’t know what’s wrong in letting her dps a little. And if you’re playing low ranked, just remember that everyone is a bit still on learning the character they’ve chosen to be their main. So chill and calm down, sh*t happens.


If you have high healing as Hog there’s a good chance you’re feeding… And yeah DPS Moira is bad, but 99% of the time that isn’t happening outside Bronze.


Way to pour your heart out i guess

At that rank, good compositions barely exist.