Mirrored Deathmatch

Can this be changed to cycle through new characters after a certain number of kills gained? E.g. when one of the doomfists deletes 3 things then switch it up, or perhaps when the collective fists delete 10 things then cycle to the next character.
The problem with the mirrored deathmatch being on a timer is that it gives skilled players too much of a window to leap ahead with the most kills, when there’s no guarantee that the players worse off (me) will get to play a more familiar hero.

If you want a player to switch to next hero you can definitly set up rules for that.
Everyone time a player gets final blow, you add 1 to a player variable called K (Kills).

You make another rule where everytime he gets final blow, it checks of K >= 3. If so, force hero (symmetra).