Missing Over 1000+ Hours


When OW2 Launched, my account was not merged and all of my items, skins, hours, icons were not there. That was a known issue. (I have been playing Overwatch since May 2016)

Once i completed the merge, most of the items were restored but the hours on Widowmaker (700 hours) Pharah (300 Hours) and Ashe (150 hours) were missing. Those were the characters that i played before the account merging was complete. They are still missing and it is really discouraging. Its kind of minor yes, but i was really proud of the hours that i put in those characters/ If anyone knows how to fix this issue or could direct me to a post how to restore specific character hours.

Side note: There are also some weird glitches like in Win Percentage it says: %888888 on Symmetra, which obviously is not accurate.

Thank you.


At least you got some items back i’m still waiting for every unlock I got since comp season 1 (overwatch 1) :slight_smile:

Wow, they must be really bad at data migration. How they hell have they deemed it to be okay to leave you without your data post go-live?

They just say check known issues (hasn’t been updated in 2 months) and make sure your account is linked

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It’s really suprising how little community/support staff they have given its a completely new game launch. They’ve just allowed it to flop again.

Yes, but nothing has been resolved right?

No still waiting around for the day

Did you ever solve this issue?