MMR reset please


It doesn’t make sense though. A new account only affects your starting SR. Wether you improve or not is basically the same in diamond and above. Do you actually happen to gain less SR with your main account or are you just losing more often?


I think your MMR is calculated over ALL matches since your first season(the average stats)… So with an account that have been active since season 1 he has lots of matches. So playing this season a game will be added and divided over all those matches so you get a + 0.0034 or something.
While with a new account, it will be added and then divided by a lesser amount. Since you have played a lot less… So the games will change your MMR real hard/fast… Where the old account almost isn’t changing even if you get stats a lot better now then the fist seasons.

So for example you always played in medium gold or lower. And never played much attention to teamwork or positioning. And kind of played like it was QP games . Then you watch some youtube tutorial, about playing better together and group fights and better positioning. And start doing those . You get that new season almost double all stats, because you die less and get more protection.
And you have now the game sense of a plat player. But because of your old account your MMR almost not changed you will get lesser points for wins and more points reduced by losses.
On your new account you don’t have that problem.

That is why a MMR reset isn’t really necessary i think. Just a change how MMR is calculated. So it only takes the stats of the last few seasons. And not your whole account history(from season 1 till now).


This might be true but the issue is SR, not MMR.

While MMR does tweak MatchMaking, it doesn’t affect your SR.

In fact, Blizzard stated that your MMR on an alt account will be the same as your main account within 10 matches. So if both accounts have similar MMR, then why is the OTP still in different ranks?


i find it stranges they even have season when they don’t reset MMR in the maintime, what is the point in my placement if the game don’t think i get better? comp would’t chance a bit if they removed season and just keep going whitout it, either they should soft reset MMR in between season, or don’t have season, it don’t make any seens


I only have one account. I am diamond level (no life level) and I am in gold - plat SR since season 5. I can’t get out no matter what I do. I got reported and even banned because matching players get upset on me and my border when they lose, blaming me for anything thinking I am trolling or something. So that being said I played on a new account, guess what? high diamond. GG BLIZZARD!

P.S. IF you one trick you lose less points when you lose than when you flex. Same applies for wining, e.g. you gain more points if you one trick. So what we suppose to do if we are penalised for flexing in a game that flexing and picking the right counter is the way to play the game? A BLUE ANSWER IS WAY OVERDUE ON THIS! oh wait nvm, the company goes broke soon…


What are you trying to say exactly with this?

Place higher is pretty easy, question is how long you can keep that rank, because few bad games and you will be where you are ať your main acc because you are not ready to be Diamond.


They did do one for like season 4 or something


Yeah iam pretty sure diamond is till somehow performance based. Just yesterday played a game lost and lost 37 sr and next game i won i got 3 sr… My friend was in the same match and he got -23 sr and +24


Diamond is not performance based. Played around 20games around 3000-3100 always won and lost the exact same amount.

I can’t see your rank cuz your profile is private, but I’m guessing your not in diamond? Or maybe you Disconnected from your game?


I think Diamond and above is still kind of performance based. Definitely while you are doing placement. You have mmr in higher ranks but its not affecting normal gain and loss in classic comp games.


Iam 3100 and i did not disconnect