More Arcade game modes readily available


Why does the arcade only feature 5 modes at a time?

Feel like there could be more then just 5.

During Archives this year, clicking the event missions opened up a new menu with all archive missions to date, providing more option in the arcade.

Why can’t we have this but for all arcade modes?

Reason i’m asking is because more often then not, the arcade features the same modes over and over again.

Deathmatch, team deathmatch, 3v3 elimination, 1v1 limited duel…

mystery heroes is always present.
no limits, low grav and ctf occasionally make a return as the daily mode or the weekly.

problem with most arcade modes is that they don’t have any other objectives other than kill opponents.

i’d like to see more objective based modes like ctf where there is more to do then just kill.

and have these available all the time like mystery heroes.