More competitive game modes


Hey there everyone :slight_smile:

So over the past few years, Jeff has graced us with a small number of alternative, competitive game modes in the arcade (such as the current CTF competitive one, or the 1v1 competitive mode). I enjoyed these game modes a lot, especially the 1v1 competitive one. I think they add a very fun and alternative way for earning those purple points used for buying golden weapons. Right now, I’m not a huge fan of competitive 6v6 for a number of reasons. I would like it VERY much if Blizzard would add more (permanent) alternatives for competitive play in Overwatch.

I think this change would be very good and healthy for the competitive scene. Right now, I’d say that a lot of players that cause problems or toxicity and play in competitive either:

  1. only play in competitive for the golden weapons, these people only play for themselves and that can be a good thing or not. They are very focussed on winning and they themselves very often decide how they think that is achieved best. This may result in them wandering off alone as genji or widowmaker, or them picking a support.

  2. like to rank up, but dont like the fact that they are so dependent on their team. they feel like they are gambling with their own SR and that they cant do much to influence this. This adds to the toxicity in the game, because they feel like they are trapped in their current rank with no solid way out.

If Blizzard could offer us more permanent ways to play competitive, rank up and earn golden weapons, in a way we enjoy most, I think we all benefit from that. The people that do enjoy 6v6 won’t have to deal (as much) with teammates that dont really want to be there anyway. the people that dont like 6v6 have alternative ways to have a fun time and rank up / get golden weapons.

please let me know what you guys think of this idea :slight_smile: I think I’d be awesome if this could actually happen and it would breath new life into the game for me. Maybe if we all support this idea enough, Jeff will listen to us and grace us with this amazing idea in-game :smiley:


Competitive totalmayhem or 500% make it happen.