Mouse and Keyboard on console

I’ve noticed a recent plague of m&k players on xbox and I’m just wondering whether it’s banable? I mean by plague I only mean one in every 10-15 games or so, but they’re always so toxic and seem to know they can’t be banned.

Just wondering whether it’s a thing

Thanks in advance

if it was bannable, you wouldn’t see many of them.

You can use controller on PC…

But also with M&K on console you can’t do a lot of the fine adjustments to DPI and sensitivity you can with PC, so they are limiting themselves a bit.

It’s a LOT easier to use mouse & keyboard on console and just in general, even with the lack of sens changes for m&k it’s still incredibly easy. I remember back when I was actually ‘good’ (not really), around season 6 there were a lot mouse users in masters, not all but quite a few top 500 EU were using mouse and keyboard.

Obviously if I was a better dps I would have stood a chance, but someone using m&k who was like plat before could easily get masters, especially when a lot duo with a mercy pocket.