My issue with decay


Trust me, I know these posts are kind of common (I think) got a small problem… I have exams for the next 2 weeks, and there is literally no where I can fit OW into that schedule. Usually I put a lot of time and effort into the game, however when it comes to prioritising life over the game it feels a little unfair I get punished for that. I understand decay, but maybe it happens a little too fast?


I would agree, that the decay time of 7 days, is very fast. Nobody would lose their abilities in this time to any degree, that playing and warming up a bit extra wouldn´t deal with. I have gone months without playing a game only making me need a day to get back in shape. But the system is the way it is, if you can´t fit 30 min of game a day or a saturday/sunday with 5-10 games. Then i don´t know how pressed you actually are, how bad you are at distributing your time or how much you actually want to keep your rank.


Yeah this bothers me a lot. I work in a ship so iam working 2 weeks in a row without internet. No point going over ti diamong cause it will allways decay to 3000 in that time


It’s actually not a big deal because when playing again, your SR gains get boosted until you get to your initial SR back.


Well let’s admit it, decay as no value in OW competitive, same as placement matches :slight_smile: