Mystery Hero balance idea

Made this post yesterday, but i fear i put it under the wrong topic, so i’ll post it here.

My friends and i absolutely love playing Mystery hero. It’s challenging and fun not being in control of the setup, being forced to just do the best you can with the hand you’re dealt + you’re automatically practicing playing every hero.

We just hate when (in our opinion) the matches get ruined by unbalance in terms of roles on each team. Too often do we experience for example our team having 2 Moiras and a Mercy whilst the enemy team doesn’t have a single healer or tanks and vice versa.

Would be awesome if there was a game mode like Mystery hero but with some sort of balance system, perhaps not exactly “2-2-2 lineup” but something similar to a sort of mirroring role balance system. If for example they’ve got 2 tanks and we’ve got 0 then the chances getting a tank role for the next player on our team who dies should be increased a lot etc. i apologize if this has been suggested before.

its in the presets for everyone lmao ow made it

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