Nerf Junkrat, the game is extremely unfun

Yea im thinkin they will too, i already uninstalled the game. Good riddance.

He was already buffed recently, but besides, once you hear that his ult is coming, split up, minimise the damage caused, yes he might be close and you wont have time, but at least react!

Most character ults have a chance to swing the game, its all about your teams reaction, positioning, etc

Thats a bit the problem: usually, Overwatch push you to stick together and to push as team. If Rat is close it will get 5 plebs at least. There is little time to react.

yeah appreciate that, but rat boy doesn’t usually do a fully wipe, can happen of course, but that goes for DVAs, McCree etc
The rancid tyre does seem to be attracted to me tho! haha

It’s not the issue here, the issue is that he gets a one-shot kill to begin with. He’s not a competitive design not as long as he one-shots anyone. His grenade lobbs is already enough luck shots. His ult should do % dmg over set numbers.

But so do, DVA, McCree, Genji, Reaper, etc, he is not in an exclusive club.
If anything, its weaker as can be destroyed

No they are not the same, not even the slightest.

Reaper: If he smokes into a group and ults, wipe.
DVA: If that bomb drops and you cant escape/shield up, it cant be stopped so, wipe

Not saying that junk ult is nice, its horrible, but CAN be avoided

It’s not the same dude, Reaper and isnt even a tiny comparison, they both are visible openly and pretty much anything can stop their ult or be avoided. Junkrat ult is by NO MEANS anything like them. You just position yourself, activate it and get an instant kill here and there. “CAN be avoided” is an overstatement for it. You’re using a statement that’s not a lie but is very inaccurate/miss-representing what actually happens in every match where there is a Rat.

Say he rolls it away, and takes out only one player which is the healer instantly, that’s 100% to 0% instantly and the TF is lost just cuz the Rat got an instant kill provided and rewarded by the Ult design.

If it has a %dmg instead of set number he has to hit the ult and place abit more effort to actually get rewarded the kill he’s scheming to get. What the hell is one-shot man… for a hero like that? Disgusting. Moira and Genji are 2 other heroes that are accomplices in the low competitive bad kit designs.

I play a lot against junkrat and 9 out of 10 times i shoot his ult before he can detonate :joy: also you can counter him so easely with lots of heros. So there is no need to remove him from competetive


I am guessing you play support more, learn to play Baptiste, his immortality field is a straight up good counter to his ultimate. Another hero you can play is Lucio, his ultimate can make Riptire useless if timed right, focus on getting your ultimate before he does and it should be countered easily, just make sure you don’t accidentally die when using it.

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No i am not… I just listen to where he comes from and aim with widow…

Fals reporting is bannable, you know that right :wink:

Shoot the tire, you can hear it a mile away. As someone said, “Git gud”.

I can literally visualize you aiming down the sights, like the pro you are and think
wtf… but i hear it” and then it explodes on your face claiming the lives of you and 2 other innocent players just minding their own business but happen to take a stroll around you.

And switching the camera to the Junkrat player while he thinks
YES hahaaaaaa got her, oooh nice 2 more kills i didn’t see… huh… weird, oh well nice either way… lemme just spray on the ground right here for the PotG highlight

Hi. I play Ana. I usually get a free kill before the teamfights happen. (Snipers, Pharah, Echo, other Ana.)

If teamfights were as easily won as you claim here, then I wouldn’t still be silver on healer. Getting a good kill, will help your team, but it doesn’t “win” it. And if you think junk is OP, then just watch him die on the inside when having to fight against a pharah & echo :confused: while the second dps is on something like sym or reaper.

And neither are his attacks random, nor his ult OP. Every ult is by design capable to be “game changing”. So if junk does something good, nothing is stopping you from being “game changing” either.

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I didn’t say that teamfights are won easily when there is a Rat, or that that’s what his main role is… to win TF’s easy and I didn’t say he’s OP.

I didn’t say his ult is OP either. His grenade lobbs is not random when he shoots it towards a location that he sees but while he’s doing it it’s still random in a sense.

Im saying that his entire design is not competitive because the second that grenade pops out of his launcher he can’t know who it will hit, his kit is NOT:
select a target and shoot on that target”.
select a target and shoot towards him” (Phara is not the same)
That’s why randomness is applied to him and randomness is not a competitive aspect especially of a game that has Esports.

His ult is not OP, but any kill he gets with it is not competitive. Because it one-shots and he can control the tire at the same time as he can charge it faster than most heroes.

Junkrat is not OP nor is his kit OP… His entire kit is just not competitive. That’s why im asking either for him to be locked from Ranked mode or for his kit to be altered. He’s imo the biggest drawback of this game, and he’s also the biggest contributor for the game to be a total clown fest…

Nope. Junkrat is a balanced hero, if you have a good widow or Mcree he is useless.

Him being killed by the heroes you mentioned doesn’t mean he has a competitive design. Anyone can be killed by them they counter no1, not even Junkrat.

Wait did you just say that widow doesnt counter junk? What drug are you on? Have you ever played junkrat? Or even against an counter of him (like widow or echo)? I get your point that he is random and that he gets undeserving kill but he can be punished with zarya or denied bydva , if you ever play against a spamming junkrat and your role is tank play zarya youll get full charge in no time . So pls just learn to counter him and dont say that he should be removed from comp.Oh and btw junkrats ult has an damage dropoff if you mean it by “it should do % damage”.

What a Widow can do to Junkrat she can do to literally any other hero that get’s one shot in the head.
She doesn’t “counter” him, it’s just fps aimplay, Hanzo, Soldier, Mcree etc etc are all counters in that sense if you think widow is a “counter” to him. In this sense no Widow does not “counter” him, you can kill him but she doesn’t “counter” him.

Zarya doesn’t “counter” him either. You’re using the word “counter” too easily with no weight under it. I would say the only 2 “counters” are abilities, Zenyatta and Baptise, atleast i think Baptiste unless junk bomb doesn’t destroy the death prevention tool.

Im talking about it doing % damage period, not about drop off. If the ult has % damage it will never get a kill but will reduce hp by alot for his teammates to execute a finisher or himself. I mean… it IS a team based game after all.
Instead of it doing 300dmg it could do 50% dmg.

So with 50%dmg, if a hero has 300 HP the tire doesn’t one-shot but does 150dmg to the target. And im putting a value like 50% because if it one shots the kill is undeserved. If a player is at low hp (like say 50hp) near the target and he detonates it to hit 2 targets, it should do 150 dmg to the primary target and 50% on 50hp that’s 25dmg to the secondary dude with low hp.

No free-killz.