New payment method idea


As you can see from title, this is not about gameplay or balance.
My idea is that we can purchase things (lootboxes and OWL tokens) via SMS.


They just need to add it to the options to buy balance.

Edit: i did not check about the actual profit made with it, like wickedlike below.


SMS payments have huge taxes. Most non indy developers avoid them. Since they make close to no income from this after they pay the taxes and such.
If they added SMS payment, they need to add that to every one of there games since you arent buying things from the game but the, you just end up getting them in the game, and if that happens, it means that you can buy this game with an SMS aka non parental controlled micro transaction.


I use to own a privet CS 1.2 server back in the days. SMS payment needs a 3d persoan platform to take care of the trades and to make deals with mobile companies, furder meaning that not every mobile provider will be added to this list on top of the taxes. Its just really hard and unworth it for them, and then you have the problem at 13 yo donating huge about of money via phone just for there perants to pay, meaning they will get backlast at some point. And its close to imposible to refund such a transaction, since you need to get in contact with your mobile company, blizzard and the 3d person entity that made the deal between them.