New Weapons for competitive mode!


Greetings Everyone, first of all I would like to talk about the weapons of the game… at-least in my opinion! what do you think If they add some more weapons… that cost more COMPETITIVE POINTS besides the golden ones… for example if you have a golden gun… you can upgrade it to diamond or something better than gold… I think you got the idea… it will get the game into another step and can gain more players. if you agree with me make it happen.


Gain more players? How? How are more players going to play the game becasue there is a diamond gun? If you mean more players would play competitive - this is even worse. Whats the point of guys who are only in it for the rewards and not to win?

This has been brought up multiple times, if the lead designer himself regrets introducing such rewards I doubt they’ll make more of them.


eyy, lets look at the good side… if there is new way to have new weapons… its the best thing can happen to this game atm… since they’re making new skins for heroes why not new weapons as well ? and if you win you gain the comp points don’t forget that… I just wish they add this to the game… for real D:


Ok and I wish it never happens. I am not against gun skins, I am against tying them to competitive games. Let all the skin hounds buy loot boxes, AFK in exp servers or lose brain cells in the arcade.