No accurate rank

Hey there,
So my problem is, what is really pissing me off… is that even tho I win all 7 matches or sometimes win 6 and lose 1, and got 16-26k dmg as a tank or as a healer more than 20k healing I for gods sake don’t rank up. I’m freaking bronz 1 and I can’t get away from this crap. So does anyone have a good point why it is the way it is??? Btw before anyone comes at me for my dmg, yes it’s the most out of the whole team. I’m just losing my mind with this, I’m not saying I’m the best or whatever oh hell no I’m not but I know that I’m way better than this I’ve been playing since ow1 and I was a master…

Would appreciate anyone that could help me out and o hope y’all have a good one

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These can be useful:

The effect of the MMR is huge. Also if you played bad the set of games before… your rank will already be lower than it actually is, mitigating your recent wins. Note that the MMR seems to be for all roles (I think). I started getting better ranks as a support main by not playing the other roles on my account anymore.

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Ok so thanks for your response to my post, I watched both videos I get what they’re talking about but that still doesn’t help me out. I’m only playing ranked I’m always doing the same amount of dmg or heal if not even more than that. Besides that it still doesn’t tell me why the hell im still in bronz since the beginning of ow2. This is dumb… a few hours ago I was playing with a friend,we won all 7 we were both doing very good and he got into plat4 and I got set back to bronz 3??? :sweat_smile:

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then he has better individual performance statts than you.

Real elo systems do NOT push you down, that’s a bit nonsense this video guy is spouting. Real elo systems show you exactly where you stand and that’s it. They only push you down if you get worse. If you get better you go up instead. If you stay the same your elo stays the same.

Many of these videos talk nonsense.
Like this guy “your end of season rank was probably different than what you thought” - no, my nonsensically talking video dude, I went from starter rank gold 3 to gold 1 to plat 4 to plat 2 and then finally to diamond 5, straight forward, as expected.
And then next season starts at gold 1 lol and I’m not playing this sht anymore until it’s fixed.

ye, rank doesn’t make much sense now with the rank drops. The only reason they do that is so that every season, everyone goes up in ranking so that everyone/most feel good.

I mean I have to admit… OW2 is making me want to play the game all the time somehow. They know how to have the players create that dopamine.

Ranking system is really bad.
Previous was good as at least you saw regular increases in terms of value - very much preferred.

Rank degradation should not of been such a massive degrade - especially for daily/regular players.

Poor design ideas by old Blizzard

Previous system good
Current system bad…

But they are both the same, except now we just have a terrible visualisation of what’s going on. The SR system is still there doing pretty much exactly the same thing.

Some people want the constant gratification of being able to see where there are, this prefer the numbers.

The issue isn’t the system. Merely how they are displaying the results.

As for the resets… People were crying for years for a reset. Now when they get one they don’t like it… Almost like those who said a reset would be a bad idea were right all along.