No balance team at blizzard?

It appears that there may be a dearth of attention being given to balance issues in Overwatch 2 by the team at Blizzard. This can be inferred from the current state of the game, where Wrecking Ball is overpowered and unchallenged by other tanks due to his superior mobility and health, as well as his ability to evade headshots. This imbalance is further compounded by hes ultimate sshow ability now. This lack of balance has a negative impact on gameplay, making it difficult to enjoy playing Widow, who is frequently at a disadvantage when contending with a f** hamster or a monkey

It is reasonable to question whether the same balance team responsible for the early seasons of Overwatch 1 is still working on Overwatch 2. The previous team demonstrated a level of expertise in their approach to the game and its mechanics.

Furthermore, there are concerns about the tendency of Blizzard to introduce buffs to characters that are designed to cater to less experienced players who may be playing on console platforms, rather than implementing changes that prioritize balance across all platforms.

i think its cause the blizzard that we knew is gone and died.
These new blizzards are like dumb babies trying to impersonate adults but failing cause they are still learning how to walk by having half of brain and no limbs.

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