No license purchased

Whenever I start the game, it shows “no license purchased”.Please fix this as soon as possible.

Hi there!

So you’re very likely getting that message due to the fact that you do not have an Overwatch license on your account, which is required to play. :slight_smile: You’d either need to purchase a copy and add the key to your account here:

Or else purchase one directly from us here:

If you already have purchased it, you may be using the wrong account, so try logging in with a different one. :slight_smile:



Hi - I found the same problem as “heheprazole” and I know I have an account that I paid for. It worked until March 20, 2020. What do I need to do to regain access - without, of course, buying a new license?
I only have one account that I have always used.

Hello FayneDK,

There is no order and no Overwatch license on the Blizzard account you are using to post here.

We can help you find the old account but we will need you to contact our support directly via ticket here