Not playing comp this season

The matchmakong is absolutely wrecked this first season. 2 throwers, one DC, and a character select bug that only lets me pick 6 ppl later and ive gone from platinum rank in OW1 to a placed bronze 5 in OW2.

Until blizzard rectifies the basic bugs and issues with matchmaking, i dont see a point to playing comp. Given the problems that everyone seems to be facing, i recommend everyone else not stress comp too much either.

Sincerely, looking forward to playing your game when it works.


I’m absolutely with you on this, I want to play so much but until matchmaking is fixed games aren’t balanced and not actually fun to play :pensive:

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It’s a good job match results don’t impact what rank you’ll be in, just how long it takes to get reviewed.

But if you want to worry about others and not play, that’s cool. One less crier to deal with.

RodimusPrime is a blizzard employee don’t mind him

amigos the game is crazy rigged season2-3 10 can’t change that most players are ai bots
look at the way they use ults look at the way they talk in chat the game is build to make you want to buy skins and play longer nothing here is fair you lose and chase the adrenaline win its pretty much like gambling and drug industry at this point

You can usually tell if someone’s an ai bot. They stand still or run into walls most of the time.
Every free to play game wants you to buy something, but at least it’s cosmetics in ow and not some op weapon.
As far as ult usage goes… have you ever considered that there might be children playing? Or perhaps people who haven’t developed their game sense too far yet?

Also, even if it feels similar to gambling, as long as you don’t use money in hopes of winning, it’s technically not gambling.

I wish I was dude. I’d be banning people on here left right and centre lol

I do not agree with you.

Bug is long time ago fixed on competative.

Even on the best can happen, it’s natural nothing intentionally.

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