Not ranking up after 5 wins and 3 losses


I realized that after the last competitive update, the one that requires to either win 5 games or lose 15, I’m not able to rank up anymore.
The issue is as following: I win 5 games, but I have a countdown of 3 games lost and I remain in the same division or get demoted. After that, I win again 5 games while having either 1 or 2 games lost and the same thing is happening.
I play support and my KDA is good imo, also compared to the other healers (my team and enemy team) I am with the higher numbers.

Please help me understand what is the issue, because it’s not like I am on a lose streak and stuff.

Thank you!

That’s 50 SR in old money.

Each division is 100sr.

You didn’t climb because you didn’t win enough.

But makes no sense to me. Didn’t they told us you need to win 5 games in order to adjust your rank? Even so, I won like multiple times and had W>L and still didn’t rank up…

5 games to review your rank. Wether you rise or fall is upto how many wins and losses you have.

Generally if you lose 4 or less every 5 wins, you’re going up.
Slower the more losses you have, but you will still steadily climb.
If you manage to go 5/0 twice you should raise in rank almost guaranteed.

Then again, there is a person whose rank hasn’t changed at all since the season change. If you can’t even rank down after losing a bunch, there might be an issue.

Review. Not adjust.

If you’ve not won enough, why should you climb.

If you can’t consistently beat those around you, why should you climb.

It’s no different to before. Just displayed differently (worse, I agree)